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Welcome everybody to capitals net presence Kellie Cowan -- finally. By JP from -- for his rank and here rather have it today mr. Joe Banner and not be. Welcome gentlemen. Yeah let's go let's go RH short season this time around 48 games does that hurt or help the capitals we'll start with you --

Coaches love to practice. New coaches really love to practice because they wanna put their schemes and systems in. How to -- is not gonna have that luxury this time around. But I do think that a shortened season is enough of a wild card that will give this Washington Capitals team.

A chance to sneak up on some people and if that happens I think the caps can be crowned division champion and they want that Southeast Division championship. And I think we shortened season creates enough chaos. -- it'll it it'll fall their way and enjoy it touched on it this shortened.

Season shortened training camp.

The few days of practice in between games in the compressed schedule. I think it's really get be difficult for caps at first. To implement this new system is very much like. Making mid season coaching change in terms of the time you have to work on not systems and that type of thing. So it's just you know driving down the runway and put in the wings on the plane as you go. But this team does have enough talent that they should be able win on talent alone. But overall I think it favors a team that's more veteran team and more comfortable in the systems have been playing.

And that's a good point that this team has a lot of talent JP and from everybody that I talk to in the locker room they're really excited about -- it's a system. It's more to the style of this team the running gun nature that they were a few years ago of course had changed the dale hunter. But a huge advantage I think the capitals have of course everybody's dealing with the sort shortened season right. But a huge advantage to the capitals have. At that -- really knows without a Moats is gonna do out there that don't have scouting on him as a head coach you don't really know other coaches can't. Exactly scout this team so I could be a huge advantage to the capitals now. What do we expect from them --

The aggressive. I think you wanna take advantage if you're Adam of this team skating ability and I think he's going to do that. I think to be much more aggressive fore checking nature and I think they will change things in the defense of zone. I think whereas last year you saw a lot of man to man almost chase concepts in the defensive zone. This time around it's gonna be more of his own principle. In other words you're not going to see Mike greens start by defending a winner deep in the corner along the goal line.

And walked with him all the way to the Blue Line he's gonna trade him off to another player.

That'll conserve energy. Big thing and when something that we should look forward to is how -- Johansson put his imprint. On the guys in the defensive zone when -- was a terrific player for Washington what he was really good -- was getting back to the puck and making an alert first pass. I think that's going to be another real calling card this Washington Capitals team. Get back there and get it out of his own as fast as.

You can and JP on offense that looks like coaches RD switching things up during Alex Ovechkin over the right side.

He had -- to change so we'll see how works at the scrimmage they had against -- Outside yes. Said himself that he was a bit lost out there ran into Marcus Johansson. And guys a little bit shaken up there but. He'll figure it out it's not it's not the first time he's played on the right side you know that you saw it. Under Bruce Boudreau little bit easy inside last year getting him away from charge anywhere from Dan Girardi a little bit and -- Lester. Maybe haven't seen as prolonged as you have now and you will now but. You know it's something you or break him some bad habits I think and he's playing with two guys who know how to pass the puck so. Hopefully for brief times is scoring touch.

When I spoke with Jay -- yesterday in the locker room I asked him if this system is going to be as full throttle as -- through -- offense. You know all the way running gun or you know holding back just little bit like it did with dale hunter he said somewhere in the middle maybe -- seven on a scale of ten. So the biggest question facing this team a couple of injuries already they're dealing with from. Then the break that they had in players playing abroad what's the biggest question facing these teams -- GP.

Well I think it's how quickly they can adjust to this new system. It's a 180 from what dale hunter was doing it's you know not -- Ice like they were doing under dale hunter which I think has the players a little more invigorated took place something that's. They feel that. Is how they were built from the way they play the games as you said closer went first Boudreau was doing. Comment but still it's going to be an adjustment you know what kind of power play -- can be implementing what kind of defensive schemes like to be talking about. You know these aren't. Necessarily very complex systems but still gonna take.

Some time adjusting. And serving. -- goaltending on this team I like the defense of concepts that they learn under dale hunter last year and I think that they learned. Went to be aggressive and when not to be. And they'll buy into that defense of concept for me the biggest question is where's that secondary goal scoring and come from. A lot of Alexander Simmons detractors will say that. First seven to leave for the Washington Capitals that it is addition by subtraction okay spot. You know you can you can hate on -- which -- life but he is a world classical school so where those goals and -- comes from. How will they come from boy take -- will Troy -- in some more we'll Jason should merit kick in some. Those are the biggest question mark to me I think there's a second line creative playmaker and Mike Ribeiro. Helping nick action means the world -- whomever he's feeding ribeiro could obviously feel that can. But there's gotta be somebody else who jumps up and says look at me I'm a 25 goals scored a shortened season if you get that. And you got that kind of firepower the caps need. To do well this year.

Excellent point excellent point and usually we go to predictions about that time but since we have -- again be on and he does not -- prediction. Participants simply ask this a playoff team.

Yes it is. Until you show me how good Carolina and Tampa are and I and I don't mean to disparage the Florida Panthers. Or the Winnipeg Jets but I think coming this year. With the additions that have been made those two other places I think good I think Carolina and Tampa are the -- biggest threats to Washington supremacy in the southeast. And taking I think that. Carolina is the best team in the Southeast Division as of right now that could change over the course.

Of these 48 games. I think the caps are probably in that 68 range in the east. But we'll see. And everything in the standings is going to be compressed because in this shortened season all the three point games they're -- play. And really if you stumble for two weeks or get hot for two weeks second make or break you and if the caps get off to a slow start even though they didn't shortened 9495. Season and still made the playoffs I think a any sort of prolonged 23 weeks slump he he could be cooked.

If the Atlantic Division is as good as they're ready says it's going to be.

That's scary they may get four in there's not going to be a lot of room for the other two conferences right there's not a lot of room for you know a slump -- any sort for this team. We're gonna get out of here and I guess full. See what happens starting this Saturday radio on CSN Washington -- wanna thank you for watching capital to net presence and we will check in with you next week.

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    CSN Washington dot com. For fifteen years Campillo Hanson roamed the Blue Line for the caps he was a solid. You good skater that did you know move the parking. Make that first pass and was incredible passers so it was. You know I watched and you know the things that he's teaching now if he so good at teaching detail. First have never had a nice come from defensive coach before and I think it's gonna help That attention to detail comes straight from head coach Adam the system really is based on. Keep in the from taking as much contact as possible you know the lifeblood of the team I really believe that. The receive help us in our own him but they held the scored which teams. Back check well for his insert beer vital to us. He is the one that really really. Implicated that they're really important he. Likes defenseman and he did when I played 56 years here. I noticed right away that he was really. That was an important thing for him how cheat the defenseman. When I remember back when you're playing and covering this team when I was covering the same. Decatur when you talk to person. One on one he's gonna tell you things. That he really needs and that. He might not say if there is six or ten other guys listening so I really like to talk to the one on one as much as can. And earn their trust hi I'm gonna have guys back through thick and thin woman and that's what I'm hoping to get up and I think I can do that by complementing 11. Sometimes you he'll ask a question of a group of guys are never and he's he's very good experience aside and going through for us again making sure we finally get it before and on the first stage in my opinion video and you know just said if you are gonna go have lunch and don't talk or anything he's seasonal books. Word is these blue liners will get a little taste of offensive system. And that's certainly puts a smile on everyone's face so it'll be it'll be more like the capitals of like 34 years ago then those spots here and ourselves LA itself to be probably pretty entertaining game to watch. As it can get. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. what I'm Greg told what would your Geico sports net central update. The Wizards got a great win last night in Denver this John Wall block Maryland native Ty Law since late attempt. Twice the 112 wanna wait wins for Washington as they get their second road victory this season. And that Geico sports net central update I'm Greg tolling for CSN Washington dot com CSN Washington dot com.