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Bucher: Wall provides floor leadership for Wizards



Csnwashington.com. I dressed up as our NBA insider -- do you agree and Rick we talked about this last week. The return of John Wall city's comeback the two and one averaging thirteen points a game as wall six assist. The presence in the lineup how that worked out. It's been tremendous it's if nothing else it's given them confidence because they have a floor leader now particularly at the end of games. But it also speeds up the way they play and if you look at that group as a young group one of the assets that they have. Is -- athletic schism in their speed there's guys that don't necessarily create their own shots well. -- John can get them opportunities. In transition now guys have a reason to run the floor. And so all the energy just picked up they're getting easy baskets and perhaps most important they have a guy. They can handle the ball and -- organize them. Down the stretch if you looked early on in the season but it worked in games going into the fourth quarter by and large but that's where it would go away. Largely because they didn't have anybody who could handle the ball under pressure. Now they do and you see the difference. We witnessed the king LeBron James to -- -- the youngest player ever to pass the 20000 point club. We're gonna see this every milestone he reaches by the way putting your opinion. You know does he rank now among the all time greats in NBA history. As of right now he's certainly in the top ten. I know there's some people out there they're -- immediately vault him into the top of the list because of some of the things that he's done. To me isn't that Wilt Chamberlain category statistically he's doing things they've and we've never seen before and they never see again. But I ranked guys by ultimately. The championship that has to be a factor here so. When I look at it -- or look at Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant a Magic Johnson Larry Bird. I still put those guys ahead of LeBron James at this point now he still has a lot of career left. You can vault a number of those guys. But is more of its only one championship that he ends up winning. Then he is it that Chamberlain category of a guy who put up amazing numbers. But ultimately didn't dominate the league in a way that reflected. That statistical excellence. NBA in Zetterberg speaker. Extra time. You got it. CSN Washington dot com.



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