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Lorenzo Alexander makes his championship weekend picks



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Sat, 19 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

She -- in Washington dot com. Thought god the NFL playoffs you guys you you've faced the Ravens -- you beat the Ravens how have they changed since early December in your eyes. I really don't know if they've changed so much to me we'd play him he was hit known all cylinders I thought very well you know towards me it was good it was just a field of Ray Rice had a great game against us. I think in in our game we came out win the turnover battle which I think is key. In any game especially doing the playoffs when they play really good right now for tackles do an awesome job and enough everybody's kind of corner where ray Lewis and everything that he represent suspicions in his last season that we we'll get three to -- it Ray Rice as the guy that you know when they're not going well. It's oftentimes they don't give him the ball a lot right they see the -- -- your month I think he is the key I think he makes everybody else better around him you know when he gets like twenty urges a more I think their record is you know phenomenal. Let's say eight you know some like down the exact numbers but is is this is pretty. Pretty good so I think the more he touches it the more he opens up things for Flacco won't be able to go to on the field at towards me you mentioned Joseph Flacco you faced Joseph Flacco. He is the unflappable. Very hard back there -- BA is what kind of problems does he present a defense. While he's a big quarterback be gone very accurate. I think what he's been able to do now especially the playoffs -- -- one play in particular being able to stay in the play you know find ways up to the pocket rollout. And I get the ball deep to find open receivers not accustomed to his game then. As he continues to improve an area he'll be able to even get better and continue to win new England and Baltimore your prediction for the AFC title. I have to go back -- -- awful lot if all we can and it's hard because Baltimore played some good football but anytime you see Tom Brady Belichick together is it is hard it's hard to -- Obama go with the Patriots. And I'm really still in the fifth round of a better runner throughout passer. NFC championship. You played Atlanta early this year yeah underdog. Number one seed. Home yet. No respect for the popular nobody has faith and you know the last several years they've been in the playoffs they normally you know one and done he's always it's something that I think people -- -- Beckett and just about -- -- not -- respect -- and plus they're going to be -- -- great for united Patriots. In May and captain -- on and off with a guy who looks a lot like Robert Griffin. Especially -- a lot of plays that we run offensively in this game to bust too wide open you know -- a -- yards. Running in the past and I mean anytime you face a guy like that I mean the teammate. The underdog automatically. NFC title game niners Falcons who is it. Niners minor I'm a Bay Area guy Granada Spain -- -- -- -- America probable form but you know definitely gulf -- And the X-Factor questioned the guy who is on your unit London Fletcher yes. Seventeen years in the league Lorenzo. He often says I'll -- in the offseason if they come back for another year -- he's like a TV a lot. Let's don't he's not giving anything he not only anybody know when TO you know where before OT starting things and and it's not that he's. -- when you think about you know with him and his family. And making decisions so I try to get it out of him from the coach try to get out of but he was in his skull face united poker face on but I think he has a lot of -- left and inning I left in his game and now who we have back that would mean he is the one man gang reds' Alexander. Csnwashington.com.

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