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Wojtek Wolski ties the game up, scores first goal as a Capital



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Sat, 19 Jan 2013|



Csnwashington.com. I'll poke checked by -- Rivera takes the turtle like Rivera for watched it fires we could get. --

Played like two new -- Nice play high ribeiro and great extra and -- When the players on the opposition hurt -- he's got great hands tied for me he's gonna rip god here comes three. No one picks up a golf ball a lot god knows everybody in Tampa Bay's. Holes pointed out that -- that's a good sign when your -- spanned decades no one's gonna defend. -- he's got his first.

After 26 year old native of Poland. Has played better than 420 games on his NHL legend. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. The biggest thing that I saw an opening night was the fact that the capitals. Were loose defensively they have players that were skating that we're somewhat passive. And I think it's all worth thinking about how to play wordplay how to get in position a lot of players also out of sync offensively when they had the puck on their stick. The biggest thing that they can do in the next game is make sure that they're getting as many pucks to the front of the net as possible and it got to play a lot more speed they do not have the far. That have to be that signature for the team at that point you're going. Csnwashington.com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back Wizards Clippers the teens the Staples Center as a venue with kids looking to win their fifth game out of their last six foot flat pass. Chris Paul back that I had seen here knock it down the jumper at fifteen Second quarter. Haven't heard from Blake Griffin until now flips on the break Griffin. Can live with the power blocking Wizards down 4740. Half a great third quarter the Andre Jordan getting in on the action on the fast break Griffin and Jordan. With the slams Clippers. Stretched the lead to ten there but don't dare count out the Wizards John Wall. On the drive somehow gets that wanna go plus the foul ball be good in this one Wizards down just for now we picked it up in the fourth more wall. Good defense on one and translates to find assault on the offensive man went deep for. Heard Jed bloop to wall Wizards down just five. late in the fourth when up by three I need insurance get there Paul. Delivering it back at twenty points for the Wake Forest product Wizards keep it close but not enough to win csnwashington.com.

  3. GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Nicole Darin

    Sun, 20 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. A guy sports net central update. Everybody in a cold there in Europe you're Geico sports net central update the NHL locked out in the rearview mirror the Washington Capitals hit the ice last night. The start of a new season let's take you right at the Tampa Bay out of Moats making his debut behind the Washington Ben chapter two field power plays for the capitals get this. Scoring started Eric brewer's risked her feet and be lightning on top one bit. Washington had an answer though on their third power play caps get the puck on the net and told Warren cleaned up that Matt Capps on the board. Tie game one all now 21 lightning in the second chases Tamara. Might keep the puck to the from ward is there again he equaled last year's total. The first minute. Seventeen minutes of when he thirteen goal total have another without any look at the eight feet Marty Saint Louis those have been doing it for years down in Tampa lightning back on top. the end of the period to the new caps make their mark my word aero. Fourth in the turn ever more protective ball he gets the ball and where all even at 33 period. Lightning on a two man advantage at Saint Louis again no chance for a whole And that one starts just slipping away bolts look at for the finisher odd man rush Teddy Purcell it's Corey Who scores his first NHL game Tampa Bay takes opener six to three. I think some of the mistakes came from. Conditioning. You know we get we get tired at times. The game when waves I think some the colonies in the third period. He can't really get five on three to start the third period That I've seen heard is and you know we came back in his second intent to do it again it's going to be difficult. That a couple waves on as a kind of wars though. I think just among nice and the guys got in behoove us shape you know and actually useful for. First game I think it was not a big game but for if we have a kind of momentum in the first appeared me it. Have an opportunity to farm Flynn. To appear there's. His chances and keeping the score two goals and if you count some could be different. You know I especially get a chance to rebound with them. You just know a lot of games over to support it just keep playing and you know I'm sure will be fine And a gap action Tuesday night for their home opener against the Winnipeg Jets battled it premiere of the Comcast sports net studios I'm Nicole Darren for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Capitals-Lightning highlights

    Sat, 19 Jan 2013

    Csnwashington.com. Adam Oates is. Here are behind the capital bench officially began the night in Tampa. First of four against the lighting after two failed power plays for the caps Tampa gets story started. First shot of the game Eric Brewers roster being like you know couple enough yet you got traffic in front Q player. Hope he can't the get the glove on it no way this is the caps third power play and finally they cash in much Joel Ward with a good working in front clean up the I guess the caps on the school she. They're great job Rivera with the fake slap shot in the park down lol and then if meg getting the puck to the front of the net and war getting their banging his stick on the ice. With those guys also are you gotta get to the front you've got to have that are okay. Moments later flight with a couple good looks Teddy Purcell can't finish the Vincent Lecavalier a to 21 Tampa. Look at these players like all over the place Tampa does such a great job of moving the ball kind of always got players crashing the sticks on the ice. But there's always someone open and at that you've got to block apart from get to the the front of the net results say the score in the second period Jason gets the puck in the trees on is there again. equals last year gold forward. In the first seventeen. Minutes 2113. Yeah I think on the film that you're just get that puck to the free throw award such a big body and excellent presence was part of the net and felt like Kelly tried this quiet iceberg here toward the start. And just keep jamming away that excellent job with the award. Go back and forth we go have another answer obviously he's Smart tennis Saint Louis and those who have been doing it for years. Like being back on top. Yeah you can't fish and he's got Mike Green got to do a better job of getting after that clock. And John Carlson got caught in no man's land the front of the definitely widely but not towards the end of the second period. Through the cap newcomers who make their mark Mike Rivera forced the turnover and technical package giving the golf course even at three. Mike Weaver has such an uncanny knack for final Crawford Texas so well. And I guarantee he shot that could definitely go to the third we would go and this is where Tampa boarded on. Two man advantage this alleluia again with no chance behind in his one start slipping away from the capitals. Yeah hard to stop the clock he can't great power play set up the best in the league. gets it down there and rival always in front of them will be can't be that easy up under the car smelling blood odd man rush. First it's gory kind of here he scored his very first NHL goal. In his very first NHL game in Tampa Bay takes the opener 63. Excellent transition they're just driving to the front and that every opportunity had. Quick look at the stats you out hitting and outshooting the Washington Capitals. Power play is certainly an advantage for the caps and the faceoff work the light in the faceoff wins as well ZSN Washington dot com.