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Mon, 21 Jan 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. After a lopsided loss the team spent a lot of time in the film room Sunday and Monday. And tweak things on the ice Monday morning there still seems to be a lot of thinking going on but nothing more than than normal growing pay.

It's been turned implemented a new system there's going to be a little bit about our viewing period return to figure hotel all the -- that go longer itself. There were some mistakes. You know we do a lot of other things real well you know we -- well. How to block some shots. You know -- so we chip doing needed to but it's you know there's still a couple. Plays and couple. You know scenarios were guys so we're. A little bit and sure. -- You're thinking if it's yours it's your spot to go oh beauty do you pressure now and -- second really particularly especially against good players because on the right -- after -- more -- an hour so. Again it's.

are going to be quick. Oh right away -- I feel is getting closer and closer so. Of course we've if we -- hello Texas refuses. Can. Score hello. -- Andre Goodman. Second period. I feel that everybody was kind of lost out there you know for me personally it was a system that played in the form -- Kind of like that obviously you know it's. A little homework on its own.

I mean it's it's no different mental different -- definitely is vitamin.

We won't play -- so long that's you know at some point you've come across the system toward prospered in a similar system in Nashville. And the home crowd will get its first look at this season's caps Tuesday night. At Verizon Center. With the capitals Jill Sorenson CSN Washington.

CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com which set us after game want it's just one game well. After two games it's two days but is enough concern. For those capitals. I don't think there's any question that there are a lot of concerns in this locker room right now. In their home opener and the caps were outshot. They were out hustled for the most part I think there were some notable individual efforts. But I think on the whole there was a lack of passion and Matt Hendricks cited that lack of fashion as it was surprising considering this was the team's home opener than they expected a little more jump. And after two straight losses in a shortened season. Their concerns are legitimate. It's tough to say exactly one tough bounce up Johnny stayed there and all those things happen in hockey. The only other one knows just the girls are good shots off Colson and so. When you do give back to. The drawing board say and from triggered off because we need to be better we need to be better no matter what. It's early in the season and get an exhibition game but it's past. Learning time and it's we have to know systems now we have to be able to go out there and execute and you know the grace period is gone now we need to audience it's kind of hard to On and he tried to do you embezzling and it's doesn't work. Yeah and Matt Hendricks also said that. This team maybe tries to be a little too fancy it seems that sometimes they hold onto the puck too long when they shouldn't they let go of the too early. When they should of held on to certainly not a whole lot of cohesion going on here check. Yeah you to Troy Brower said the grace period is over but they goalie Braden hoping ten goals in two games. He cannot be feeling very good about himself right now. Yeah and he's not I mean he definitely said ten goals in two games certainly not something that he's proud of these very even keel he was very calm. Perhaps a little bit too am it's up. To be in these last two games after playing on her she eager to prove himself once again that's just the type of guy Braden will be as. I wouldn't be surprised to see Michael labor. I'm playing on Thursday excuse me but perhaps that was the in the plan already. of sorts from the Verizon thank you very much. CSN Washington dot com.