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Tue, 22 Jan 2013|



Csnwashington.com. Bill if there's one guy who's the biggest guy in this building that I just read Tom -- a long way back the hockey. And boy outside what you see this on his face. There is no question how happy -- Cody is. To be back -- to you what it's a reunion tonight for the players and as they see the arena workers a big hugs a lot of high fives come back here in this building. Tom -- No different although it's been a lot longer since he has seen anyone in this building he has not played. A game and rises up for more than two years he battled through a groin injury he battled through a fractured pelvis. And now Tom -- back in DC. Plane at the Verizon Center and I asked him about an hour ago what his emotions are heading into tonight.

I'm excited. Side and get back and play at home race and we insist you be back here with the boys -- playing again.

Is there any obviously you've overcome so many physical hurdles and and it's been such a long time for you. Is there any like mental hurdles that you feel is still need to be I jumped or have you gotten past those as well.

I think a little bit as far as the game goes and -- you know seems on -- fast opening -- to that'll take a welter. You know -- the -- don't know -- but for me and also got my timing back that's.

One of the hardest things to to work on is -- time back now in this out of my system doesn't allow you as a defenseman to be a little more aggressive offensively.

It definitely does he. Natalie has a wanted to know about it makes -- Tampa so. You know you cannot get involved offensively and he talents five -- question you know a sense of consistent play.

Is this something -- you've been looking forward to to to seeing something like that in this in this town.

I think so you know a little bit of a defensive system last year. You know at the old coach so we have and I think it's good for our team a lot of offensive firepower -- going to be you know from the and occupy in the watch.

Yes certainly this coaching staff asking the demon to get out of that comfort zone if you will and push up a little bit a couple of -- making. They're DC debut tonight defenseman Tomas can product. Called up from Hershey as well as overjoyed crap making his debut here at the Verizon Center tonight. And hope he does get the start in goal he obviously gave up six goals on Saturday night so he is looking for redemption. And chicken -- he was actually out here right before you guys -- me doing his pregame visualization pregame meditation. Being up close probably five feet from him and watching that is really something else so. Hopefully looking for eight home opening win looking for their eleventh straight home opening win guys back CO.

Time and NHL record died -- on the ice Chris. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. There is to zero Crawford in whiz kids. In Utah on things can you tell us into the the guys suffering from dead legs optimists We'll get out there who are about them. There in the second ever Booker moments later Crawford's 32 strong Washington shoots one not what exit from the field the first half. Knows that problems for the Jets on the break Gordon Hayward who I'll look at that dad. Slowed but effective. at fourteen to break in the third Al Jefferson. Knocked down in the mid range game topics have been through the to lead DC dig down deep sparked by their leader John Wall about. That crossover That is at the rim and into the third. In the fourth Trevor always hits a triple capping a 22 wind and the lead is certainly down the three. The Jazz do not go away and Jamaal Tinsley. Great dribble drive through the legs of Kevin Seraphin he can't finish with Paul Millsap there for the putback. Back from Washington. On the run it. Bradley field gets the pass from wall and dunks one at eight assists on the night for walk under thirty seconds flat the Wizards fourth needing a stop him. It is Millsap and we have the back breaker and the Wizards fall of 9288. Moments ago that there. CSN Washington dot com.