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Beauties on the Beach: Local Lindsey



  1. Washington redskins'2:28
  2. Ruth's Chris3:08
  3. Port Everglades1:34
  4. Washington Redskins2:36
  5. Dolphins0:54
  6. Virginia0:13
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Thu, 24 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I mean it. Mean I'm from Centerville Virginia. For days you know I'm wearing it wouldn't feel that our captain last year Kelly. It's starting out -- regular -- -- -- and see how it all was on me she added phrases besides that he's. Green dye my hair. I think return and landslides an amazing job and help me get ready for this. And I'm really happy with the way -- turned out and I. On the water weight first sunset I have -- Dolphins who were so sexy coming out of the water just. Really amazing. Lindsay CNN really Heisman. People about it. -- whip over that -- technique that -- smoky eyes. Want to beat again beautiful -- fifty. Once again that. -- -- -- Port Everglades City bred that come -- today. -- That's usually the same heat seemed to overcome her ball really ready and prepared for her -- her -- over. -- off the body rock and very comfortable off. Yeah I saw what he's the worst. I work very natural and an American looking giving me. It together all -- on the and then last year it's actually. And we -- -- body paint and we were on -- And that was really -- -- because of my best friend from. I'm really excited is. Calendar -- this year because I am wearing a Washington redskins' colors that I'm honored. CB wearing them I'm a lifelong redskin fan born and raised and I'm so excited to be representing the Washington Redskins. I'd be honored to have the cover we're. Even a full page in the calendar because. Is -- an honor to be here and all of these beautiful women and to be chosen. -- tomorrow more of beauties on the beach and an invitation for you to join yours truly in a couple of the all time great Redskins might brag. And Roy Jefferson at Ruth's Chris down at the DC convention center this coming. Monday it is open to the public obviously there's going to be some betters served in the Redskins eightieth anniversary. Why isn't the spotlights and go to the Redskins block or go to the Rose Chris -- website. Check events if you wanna buy a ticket to this event there Redskins party on Monday. Look at the NFL today. Plus a very special addition they have format today. CSN Washington dot com.

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