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CSN Washington dot com. They get big Jets rated Geico sports at central but you know you might say the lockout shortened NHL season also extended challenge for team with a new coach. And a new system the Washington Capitals on that team and our -- to for the first time since the 9697. Season on Thursday there was a change in goal. Added change of Lions were capitals at a -- -- battles also try to change the result against Montreal I imagine that changing goal Michael -- reverted back. Making his first start since April report -- for his fifth career win over Montreal 'cause -- -- Alex they're -- -- the rookie. Testing Norbert we're coming for a little -- later Miller were still holding his ground on the doorstep to give the Canadians challenging. But despite all the talent bullets after one. But Montreal turns it on in the second on the two man advantage -- -- -- -- -- for him to control it. -- told us what Canucks cashes in on the doorstep and Nelly got a one perfectly okay that's a manager over the less than a minute later. Whoever makes -- -- did under mark complex to bring about. He scores that's -- Mets turned up. Even straighten out were -- born kids to be a -- And fired so wide open Bryant helped him punt he chipped it over -- and now suddenly three nobody finally for good measure. Josh Georges for the blast from the point. Barber can't make that save -- fifth. Today -- for their fourth the second period goal so alive for the Devils play a third. Joey crap. It would get that look like should also Jason geography go for a bit shut out by his first goal of the capital but not enough. They fall -- -- of Korea from losing the Canadians for the walk. I'm not a believer in that new Rockets beat them not you know it's a book pros he would be a pro and you do your jobs and I was gonna go your way. And you get a get a and so -- its effort you know you don't want it and it's. You realize that the team -- they want to and you get a fight through stuff and in the you know it you're really wanna do it very upsetting and they'll push the panic button but obviously it's upsetting. Well no rest whoever capitals had a five out of -- the Newark, New Jersey take on the Devils but I Comcast sports -- -- Boise all the action early drop of what our pregame coverage. At 630 which capital spent. Brodeur for have a Comcast sports -- studios I'm Dave Johnson for CSN Washington background. CSN Washington dot com.



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