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3 and Out(Pt 1): Can RG3 rehab his knee successfully?



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Fri, 25 Jan 2013|



Welcome back to three in our back at it during an off season we got three hot topics I'm Jennifer Williams on fight hard publish here. Over there we got rich can't -- Guys let's talk about RG three and rehab now we haven't heard a whole lot but knowing the type of player that robber is. Is there concern of hand about him maybe pushing himself too hard. Too quickly -- let's start with you. Yeah absolutely there's a concern -- the two experts that spoke to while doing my reporting on RG three's -- Both said yes there is a concern he needs to be careful not to give himself a setback but working too hard. You know you listen to what his dad said into the Doctor Who did his previous surgery they both said that he worked so hard he was back on the field. Within four months and that's really really fast you know he needs to have someone to did not resign him someone telling him look cool it you've got -- into September before the season begins don't set yourself back right you know rationale rich what do you think about this topic. Well you know besides his work ethic and motivation is you guys talk to the other the other attribute that the rest his Labatt -- three is that he's Smart. I think he's he's Smart enough. Not to fall into the trap of working too hard. You know of putting in say 34 months and then say okay I'm gonna do this trying to do that stretching it too hard. And then going -- you know base he put himself back another two months. He is Smart he's been through this before he knows process he knows he has to be. He knows he has to be patient self is a concern yes but I do think he's just he's Smart enough to really avoid the major pitfalls. Then did that that might happen to him to some other players I think the one Q -- -- brought up as he has been through this before and so I think he knows the difference between. Hey that doesn't feel right and hey I -- that you know I need to back off because I mean I might re injure something right so. That's a huge plus having having all this went four back in 2009. Right any won't have the urgency of you know. Trying to make it to the playoffs and trying to advance and we saw it down the stretch runner charities exactly. Are able to see any recaps you know he's on schedule that he -- we still lots of questions for me -- we don't know if he's gonna be back. An eight months ten months twelve month. -- the Redskins might want an alternate plane that your cracked what I think. Well the first thing that I if it comes to mind is Robert Griffin the third carried the ball 120 times out for morsels well over 330 times now the Redskins had the leading rushing. Offense in the NFL but -- clearly can't just add a 120 carries itself for Morse is play. If RG three is not ready if the Redskins at some point during the off season believe it it might be week 1234. -- -- getting into. You know maybe five or six weeks into the season. They might have to explore. May be going out and getting a proven veteran running back to see some of the pressure off of -- that running back might be on the roster right now. Our -- and Alou are very good set -- -- as you remember those two guys be real -- out of the field is here. You know they might be able to handle a little bit not. But the Redskins -- everybody gets them. An average they can't exactly run option they might want to think about another. Alternatively. They could and it's called passing the football I don't think they need to distribute another 120 carries. Anywhere okay last year RG three and 393 pass attempts just looking in the division Eli Manning 536. Pass attempts. Tony Romo 648. Against Romo completed more passes for 25. And RG three attempted. And I think we saw this in the end it in the one game that Kirk cousins started. I'm in fifteen starts RG 335. Was the most passes he threw that was a gimmick come back against Tampa bag. And Kirk had one start in game where they were leaving must the second half 37 pass attempt for Kirk cousins so I think you'll see a lot of those 120 runs -- RG three. Turn it that you may be control type passes running time passes now. Did it do they may -- wanna take some load off of of out of golf all Alfred Morris yes I can see guys as a practical matter but on the he had this I have to worry about those 120. Runs by RG three's. They'll they'll go through here for those.

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