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Skins Social: Lorenzo Alexander on his Pro Bowl snubs



CSN Washington dot com. Everybody we have a special edition of -- Sosa I'm Jennifer Williams alongside the Lorenzo Alexander teller and that we're in any taking questions from the fans via FaceBook and Twitter and we got some deadlines that you do but I actually have a question for you. Last year around this time we were talking at the Washington auto show okay. And am and ask you about -- in Manningham we are working it. Went to Denver and stand behind my decision I didn't want me and right right and winning them I young guy and and watching ten and -- You said Robert Griffin the third there was an it factor he had that it factor. How would you just describe him. The same way am I don't think you can describe the effect on you to have that you don't even all the great ones have it in that think with his good to play this game and -- level obviously physically and mentally. It's. No one like him in on this planet so hopefully we have to getting back healthy. Next year and I'll be able to come back in and do the same thing we did this year in the point 36 statistics I'm -- to -- teams can do that but if you have a quarterback like -- behind him. It anything's possible. And you know you had a great season this year let's take one we got one on FaceBook and this is the guy's name. He's going by no shave until it championship that I took though I -- -- profile -- -- he had kind of up. Quite the beard going and listen scrapped and he wanted to now how does it feel to finally be voted into. But for a while. I was great you know when you know obviously you get voted by your your coaches peers around the league in the fans. Just means a lot in everybody's kind of finally recognizing -- -- able to do on the field especially you know be an undrafted. In the final practice squad kind of working your way before like you've earned everything. Now. PM -- via Twitter wanted to know which Redskins you think was most. Deserving of a Pro Bowl fumble who vote and that may -- got snubbed -- not counting we're already six or fifty ninth. See I at all I don't shoot the messenger hit the -- I got. Obstacles the first couple guys that he had enough let's be number one you don't I would say. Rob Jackson but it's hard because he started halfway through the season -- -- -- warmed up and nobody really knew his name but rob Jackson I thought. Had a definite Pro Bowl caliber season to Tommy B -- plays he -- week in week out force. -- that one interception where would you put that in terms of moments of the season against Dallas didn't job and I definitely had to be you know. -- some -- that yeah -- got us in the playoffs for the most focused -- -- -- -- do what he did it does Bryant you know in the fourth quarter magic. And rob Jackson said today. CSN Washington dot com.



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