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Redskins Nation: Voted by fans, the play of the year is...



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Fri, 25 Jan 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. -- look at the NFL today and here if you look at Jennifer what -- from CSN Washington. Dot com and she visits us each Thursday and and you got Chris -- looked up your agenda and that beard his importantly these guys are just growing those other guys they've. Keisel. Keisel Brecht he's -- that they get ahead of the TV show. -- the the Belmont. Yeah who did and really had a rest and that's that great and --

Prior out mosque -- his head it's completely -- and I asked Chris nailed it he was rocking a playoff beard and you're like no this is just going to be my year long. Growth and he's like I'm kind of love in this new style that I have gone yeah it's it is that it is seriously hot and do you. It's -- the -- is I'll. -- pretty good look at it. Who doesn't like there are definitely. -- Sosa to Chris Phillips stated I was beer well now I talked to him I'd bet you know rusty and he said. It was a rough and let him do so one where it used to describe this season on the sideline it was frustrating you know I threats and had that tremendous comeback. And you know this had quite the debut -- and a ballot anyone remembers. He recorded one and a half sacks vs the New York Giants in 2011 nice and it felt debut -- two kids sleep late in the seventh I felt. I'm hoping he comes back he's a great. What they are all. Well he helped me. All about that he told me that he's going to be back it better than -- that he actually the first time yet on the major injury. Verses say twisting his ankle and that he listened to trainers. He took it easy and he's. Feeling much better and he believes that was the heat is 66 that I'm hoping he comes back because the kids a great sound -- he just tells it like he is. He's 100% is totally real and up and my rookie season great read and I enjoyed talking to Chris -- quite a bit.

But I did you have your finger on the pulse of sold -- media as we know so. But quick -- on what's yes well it's actually -- world there.

Why props it's. Redskins digital. Chris hurricane he would immediately compiling a social media weekly. And last week where we're talking about the fan vote -- so it obvious ocean excuse me via Twitter. And FaceBook. Bal you know the play of the year we had set. You know that's 76 yard touchdown run that electrify. It wasn't the one -- and actually went the way it. Robert -- performance vs the Cowboys on Thanksgiving I mean Thanksgiving Cowboys reds and I cleaning ladies 28 points of the second quarter. -- he was just dropping well I study this stuff for a reason. Last. Okay I got it -- the ladies. Wow women of Washington and are giving a way of Robert grip and that starts signed -- just check out the Redskins FaceBook thing I got every -- you -- wonderful yeah.

Early on next week next week when you come back you're gonna tell us the biggest position of need for the rest of -- pregnancy. Where he kicked off next weekend -- Super Bowl prediction I mean the pressure is building. It's a 5050 shot window so we have like I -- nationally. Are right Jim Williams is the best fit for. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Geico sports net central update. Hello what objectives here with your Geico sports net central update spring training is right around the corner of the nationals want to reach their goals in 2013. They're gonna have to count on an out twenty year old Bryce Harper to help them get there. That's phenom took home rookie of the year honors last season. He told mark had to deal with some new found fame but still has has his priorities in order. You know being able to you know get in the weight room and you know give my human things done Beckham's first of me saying I take pride in everything I do and you'll get better than getting better you know on the fielding outfielder base running hitting and everything I can do. I think it's huge for me. How much did you learn just about had to be in Major League player last year and how much does that help you prepare for next season. Grateful for the opportunity billions to the big leagues and you know the guys around me that did was. You know very gets mean and you know really helped me out so. You know having him was. What's the reception for you like now when you come back to DC I assume people leave before now it's going to be everybody right. I'm ushered you know average so you on the RG three trade yeah I agree there and risk losing grade so. You know as did have two teams you really bowed out and you know really. Take pride in what they do and you know hopefully we can you come back this year and it's out of DC and hopefully many more Bledsoe so that'll do it Comcast sports net studios I'm Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Lorenzo Alexander on his role next year and his new diet

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    CSN Washington dot com. Going back to what you said last you said that all the elite teams have that great quarterback. So and you know we talked about Robert Griffin effect Charles Barr said Guillen faced a kick what position do you it think you'll play next year. I don't know why not clean the moment got against the made up a little safety. But you know it's out loud that my position but who knows coach a a great job of using you in different positions in different situations. And I've been doing everything you know inside outside back out Kendall this year in certain situations ourselves. Who knows you know things could always change when it comes to me. An alcohol fed. Via FaceBook what tradition you feel looks comfortable on. Most comfortable it's a lot back to Bob almost natural so far you know it is not without really no experience outside of you know the last 89 months you know playing behind fled to net punt and the most production. At wherever play my career so inside linebacker level much like special teams being run silent a silent on the ball go to. Now you just said something about plans I had seen that I Twitter could eat out how a little bit more about that couldn't think of football players here is I think pro team Blake so what this all. research have to do all the meat and protein after I get off of him but. Father after the season long you've got eaten bad especially given how amazed in the winter months. I never do is go you know Is it odd man those supplements and it is just try to get that the body and he talked a little bit and just kind of restart back up so in the off season kind of that won't eat right. He's a lot easier than just score from. You know maybe fast food states cheeseburgers and I try to eat eat good all of a sudden they the loudly about the kind of reset you can be good from the beginning. Any tips for and especially coming off a lot of football season the fans have to detox from like we ain't nothing going to sports bar any tips for and are you the biggest things that come out tomorrow Pilates studio. The studio and a win at Bryant look him up my season did use some rest is you know make an adult and own it. So it's a great way to get back in shape actually did it not one of the huge reasons why I'm in a probable this year so yet come out Nigel and. I had saved the best question for last Matt who is Jose and that draft is awaiting us via draft guru he wanted to now. If you had an imaginary girlfriend why. I of any incentive and a casual happily married to my beautiful wife for five years actually on Monday. So regulation she's very real good look this up you have a lot of pitches there I figured. We're together yes some video as well. So you Google her if you like for. and those things you so much for stopping by and think he got a great questions. Keep it locked and CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins coverage. CSN Washington dot com.

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    She in Washington dot com. guys finally figured out. How to it in and and veterans as well talk about being here for 67 years that we would have never won anything I think that's a huge factor. In trying to get over being consistently. At the top will be a prayer team you know like the Green Bay back to like the patent those those guys know how to win in all type situation and I think we really learn how to do that this year. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. He's a guy sports net central How Comcast sports mosquitoes which you're Geico sports net central update the Wizards were welcome back to DC would John first start of the season an impressive one. You know win over the Timberwolves while the caps. Got the first point of the season forcing overtime in New Jersey but ultimately falling and good doubles to instill and searched. Their first. And that's your Geico sports net central update on holder for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.