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CSN Washington dot com. Get your highlights of this when Adam -- back in New Jersey this time on the visitors bench. His -- desperately looking for their first points of the season. Early in the first half with a glorious chance fullbacks can somehow gets the puck to Mike Green. But once again robbed by Marty Brodeur great to see Mike Green jump up from the play -- -- the same order but good things were coming from Mike Green later in the game. Devils on the offensive Jacobs killed system works that toe -- get to just Stephen -- if he goes five hole for his first. Card second goal of the year first of the game while when -- -- it gets it right there is the barber has to come across goes five hole left for all the bad goal scorers do good goal Gionta. Cap struggled early in the power play they've got their commander Mike Green loses it it -- no -- comes up large. He was good time and time again tonight on on the topic brief. This one where he stops and David Clarkson -- taking that away. Probably sit back great -- -- bad way to stretch across all the top industries very aggressive tonight for rob merits that lets -- Now the Devils with a two man advantage after calls against back from an eagle on the power play that the Lakers. Let it rip save by going perfect Patrick Kelly is there ran a hell yeah hall opened just you'd die for those types of plays and beautiful ball flight. Patrick -- -- doesn't get much she's done that for the Devils -- the two nothing lead going into the third capped with a two man advantage finally of their own. Green to -- with -- barrel for the talent great puck moving great visit Mike Green and beautiful pass for ward how easy. -- -- that might prefer off the same score late in the third Devils can't clear green lots of towards the golf it finds the back of the net first goal. Of the season for green not seeing I've talked big body approach that helps get it in overtime so excited to put the cavs get it done an extra session with. God no but there were some great work again by Michael Margaret Robby and Allie ash in the corner. Yeah eight shots for the Devils in overtime. Then late in the extra session. With a capital scrambling around offensively it find its way to the stick and -- -- you don't want it on Ilya Kovalchuk. Who goes to beat whoever from the bad angle and that is how it ends. The capitals pick up their first point of the season. But losing in overtime 32 in the final BC the capitals did some good things but -- that one for eight on the power play. It may be the thing that was gonna come back to haunt them CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Ilya Kovalchuk2:14
  2. Mike Green0:19, 0:23, 0:28
  3. Patrick Kelly1:18
  4. David Clarkson0:58
  5. Devils0:29, 1:10, 1:27
  6. Lakers1:15
  7. Jersey0:10
  8. goal scorers0:43
  9. power play0:47, 1:14, 2:31
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