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Caps look much better, but only earn a point in New Jersey



  1. Mike Green1:22, 1:36
  2. Prudential Center0:04
  3. Devils1:03
  4. Woody0:22
  5. Jersey0:04
  6. Washington0:00, 1:48
  7. power plays0:50, 1:00
Fri, 25 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I'd let's get you back to Newark, New Jersey the Prudential Center the gentleman who brought you tonight's game -- and body. And Greg -- and you guys we were just talking about it the positive you take out of -- they got a point they did so many things better than they had -- yet the way Michael Milloy Vera played denied. Think the capitals deserve maybe a better fate. I -- Woody -- and I think you guys are addressing it that net front presence to me was much better in this game than it had been in the first three Greg I thought. In the first three games for watched -- much too much of a perimeter team yeah I thought they played hard. That's career harbored about in the top of the zone play hard and play with some jam and I thought throughout the game -- -- -- mistakes absolute. I still believe they should've won that game when they had those five on threes in the very. One power plays great nation and got another one of that five on three and it would have been lights out they would have been going -- -- two point guys not very often will you hear that one team had. It's as many as six power plays in the third period but the caps did tonight against the Devils. Hey guys a big thing tonight it was not the end of the game might create holes and 31 minutes tonight. How much better as his play he's led the team and ice time every single night what do you think of his overall game. Much better I think on the offensive side of things out when he was much better Resop vintage Mike Green jumping into the play -- getting shots for. Being involved on my mom and we've always thought about it you -- -- -- in -- backstroke but it is still didn't. A great games once they got -- went without Barry game. Mike Green had an -- game when they need from the back by. Now one thing I saw a lot of coaching staff was always in the year of Mike greens throughout this game they're giving him a lot of information he must -- process did very well. CSN Washington dot com.

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