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Lorenzo Alexander on his role next year and his new diet



CSN Washington dot com. Going back to what you said last -- you said that all the elite teams have that great quarterback. So and you know we talked about Robert Griffin effect Charles Barr said Guillen faced a kick -- -- what position do you it think you'll play next year. I don't know why not -- clean the moment got against the made up a little safety. But you know it's out loud that my position but who knows coach -- a -- a great job of using you in different positions in different situations. And I've been doing everything you know inside -- outside back out -- Kendall -- this year in certain situations -- ourselves. Who knows you know things could always change when it comes to me. An alcohol fed. Via FaceBook what tradition you feel looks comfortable on. Most comfortable it's a lot back to Bob almost natural so far you know it is -- not -- without really no experience outside of you know the last 89 months you know playing behind fled to net punt and the most production. At -- wherever -- play my career so -- inside linebacker level much like special teams being run silent a silent on the ball go to. Now you just said something about plans I had seen that I Twitter could eat out how a little bit more about that couldn't think of football players here is I think pro team -- Blake so what this all. -- research -- -- have to do all the meat and protein after I get off of him but. Father after the season long you've got eaten bad especially given how amazed in the winter months. I never do is go you know -- Is it odd man those supplements and it is just try to get that the body and he talked a little bit and just kind of restart back up so in the off season kind of -- that won't eat right. He's a lot easier than just score from. You know maybe fast food states cheeseburgers and I try to eat eat good all of a sudden they -- the loudly about the kind of reset you can be good from the beginning. Any tips for -- and -- especially coming off a lot of football season the fans have to detox from like we ain't nothing going to sports bar any tips for -- and are you the biggest things that come out tomorrow Pilates studio. The studio -- and a win at Bryant look him up my season did use some rest is you know make an adult and own it. So it's a great way to get back in shape actually did it not -- -- -- one of the huge reasons why I'm in a probable this year so yet come out Nigel and. I had saved the best question for -- last Matt who is -- Jose and -- that draft is awaiting us via draft guru he wanted to now. If you had an imaginary girlfriend why. I -- of any incentive and a casual -- happily married to my beautiful wife for five years actually on Monday. So regulation she's very real good look this up you have a lot of pitches there I figured. We're together yes some video as well. So you Google her if you like -- for. -- and those things you so much for stopping by and think he got a great questions. Keep it locked and CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins coverage. CSN Washington dot com.



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