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Harper looking forward to first full season in the majors

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CSN Washington dot com -- now you know now that. Full time as big leaguers for a full season to Kimble. Has shown up a lot of places this what's the experience been like it's been fun you know I think. You know I pick and choose you know what I've done and you know that was -- -- inform me. You know I think. Him being able to you know get in the weight room and you know get my human things done -- Beckham's first of me saying I take pride in everything I do and you'll get better there and get better you know on the fielding outfielder base -- hitting and everything -- can do. I think it's huge for me. How much did you learn just about had to be in Major League player last year and how much does that help you prepare for next season. -- had a great group of guys around me and I had a lot of guys help me out all year and you know I -- a lot of -- in front office with Rizzo and you know -- and you know so you know. Grateful for the opportunity billions to the big leagues and you know -- the guys around me that did was. -- very gets mean and you know really helped me out so you know having him -- was. You know just the Boston. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com and he's like insurance policy at first base. Mean you cannot compare him with. Keith Hernandez I mean these. He's got a single. Community makes it look easy over there for intrusions which perspective that you know if a perfect. He could make make your right to me I think we've got the best in the world in general baseball and his main of it. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Redskins Nation: Tarik El-Bashir not hopeful on cap penalty, excited for Richmond

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    CSN Washington dot com. Actor Redskins nation now is for his weekly visit on the show talked this year. From CSN Washington dot com add before we talk about Richmond I understand you'll be coming into the column by we talked about last week is the anticipation building for you. I am pumped up I would I roll my sleeves last night and I started digging into the awesome and invite t.'s first group I looked that was safeties I think the Redskins have a keen eye on that position and are covered the Indy 500 a number of times like no all of the good steak house so if you say I'd like to think perhaps the elbows with the each. Cocktail but there quality players at I was you have to ask and talk till this year to the forty. At Lucas Oil is. That's at least to me but do it would be easy and I'm willing not to operatives and I don't one time you know get up there do it again didn't really wanna open Don't but it's OK so you want to Richmond yesterday I would think it's all the construction going on it looks like it's fast brought you know I spoke. Briefly with one of the construction guys not only date twenty it was amazing to see. The fact they'd already corrected. Parts of the building and they had levelled the with a fueled gonna go that level the playing field yes they've leveled the playing field and be the one thing that. concerns me but I mean that's a lot to do and a very short amount of time yet that but you know I was told. Look we have to do it there is no you know oops we weren't quite ready to have to get it ready so looks like there and putting a lot of eighty hour weeks. Mother nature's been very very beneficial because of the lack of real cold weather no no But that brings with the conversation you have with Bruce Allen. A lot of the media that you had a chance to do one along with Bruce at some of the topics obviously Robert Griffin the third what are your thoughts on his progress. Well I mean. You know Bruce Allen made it sound like they're the obvious are keeping a very close I don't how things are going in their very pleased with how things are going. IA he did stop short of confirming something that was reported by ESPN earlier in the week that Griffin. Is looking like he's going to be able to play week one he said no we're gonna let the doctors decide that and you know what and in reality worse still seven months away how can you really know if five if a guy's going to be ready to start after such a major knee surgery but at least the team feels like there's a chance so looks. Yet my thought is you know there are are like three weeks in six weeks and nine weeks or milestones I the doctors have a feeling where he should be an. But you're right long way to go still now. The salary cap penalty and and again Bruce heck didn't say what exact what do you what do you think might be going on. Well I mean he's certainly made it sound like without giving any specifics that the Redskins are still fighting us right now you know if I'm a fan. I'm hopeful now I'm like well maybe there's chances of get reversed but the reporter in me thinks you know what. I mean they've already had one appeal shot down there's only twenty something days to And I don't really see of an avenue where it's gonna get overturned but you know the one thing that that is. Working well for the Redskins as it's not gonna get dropped on the last the last hour. At least they can go into free agency understanding where they are in terms of proximity to the and can make moves according. How about the Trent Williams situation that was brought up what are your thoughts on that well I you know robbers confirmed what we've heard from the police out in Honolulu that you know Trent was the victim diary you know. He said this the stitches have been removed from his head and looks like he's going to be good to go I mean it's it's an embarrassing thing for sure for Trenton but you know the good things ever saying he had nothing to do with it. You excited about training camp as much as you want I know our whole body your family man and he got a lot of obligations. So he has not abandoning. The whole front but you're gonna be spent a lot of time at Richmond ultimately spent a lot of time at Richmond. Are you looking forward to I mean what's gonna happen that it it it was exciting yesterday. It was and you know what. I'm having covered auto racing in the past I've spent many a weakened and our Richmond it's a good town is an underrated town. Are there are some areas where you know if you get a little free time tonight I'll I'll also recent. A series in places were and time it's a. It's nice down we'll have I'm not end up as auto racing background feel like this year in NASCAR I mean this is speed which starts that's right Nepali. It will be at Indianapolis the Daytona 500 happened and next weekend who's your favorite this year do you have a guy that you got to dial. You know five times been been my guy since before he was winning championships and you know I liked the way you put things together early in the year last year you to get it done. I. I think he's going to be tough to beat techno wizard. Junior there's still with junior dot bowl here every year every that you Redskins you know the rest of the country's best. You know we have a NASCAR Monday but we're not gonna switch your appearances the Monday I'm I I could talk to NASCAR and I'll see you next week the Cubs absolutely aren't coming up next the fan former Redskins. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Caps look back at their college days

    Fri, 15 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com open. Right with having a look at the best College Hockey teams. In the nation the one that wouldn't be accurate at the top last week you were an opportunity to move up that's sort of number one. 21 straight games shall be for ran back an old team. With eight sad Minnesota to do 95 and wore last week they were second. Miami BC. New Hampshire New Hampshire by the way got knocked off by Providence which them last night one nothing. Western Michigan the corporate sector. On the girls side I gotta set up shout out ahead to the pots and they're who played Buffalo state this weekend in Potsdam. Games are off to the playoffs go you there it's the caps at their share collegiate in the lineup locker Matt Hendricks and Jay Beagle fond memory. We are also playing against men and done. You know you're playing against. You know some of the best in the country so it's. You know it was a huge step those fundamentals first couple games Canada. Chasing the puck around in my compared misses. He analysis this is the next step in and none of these guys are good so hum. You know was also on huge steppingstone this. You know a lot of time or go you know with teamwork and stuff so. You know you take that trying to build your strength and to have a better game. Tiger grew up a lot for years that sort of I think with the school in and that's tough schedule we had with traveled with him during season and trying to keep up with school and so I think they're really grew up a lot of and I was able to. To kind of those things together and realize what is to be a real man. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. 3 and Out: Can a running QB, like RG3, ever win the Super Bowl?

    Fri, 15 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Welcome to three and out we have a special edition of the segment today I'm Jennifer Williams. Onside our Redskins insider park outlets here and we got our Redskins blogger rich are over there. Guys let's talk about Colin cap for he wasn't able to get it done. You know during the Super Bowl but you think a running QB like RG three could eventually be wasting the Lombardi. let's start with you well. You know it just because one has not yet. Doesn't mean it that one can't never could. But the game does don't even just looking at it this most recent Super Bowl you know if Jacoby Jones doesn't doesn't run kickoff back 120 yards. Yelled Kong and perhaps wins that game. And as as a running quarterback and then we're we're not we're not talking about about this topic. But yelled back when I first started word watching super balls on a black and white TBS got a Cadillac and he has found. But the out there you have to have of the stout Top three defense to win mr. ball you had to have a big bruising running back to win the super ball hit there is soccer or somebody like that. But you know times have changed now now much more you need the only quarterback. But I think the fact that did that pocket passers are now. 47 and in Super Bowls doesn't necessarily mean they will continue to be so in the future. Car check police did did you save 47 and oh yeah yeah that that's that's a pretty amazing stat right there. You know I mean defensive coordinators get paid millions dollars to figure out innovative offense is I mean how long was the wildcat around 423 years I mean and then it pretty much disappeared. This too shall pass and the reason I say that rich is because. Just look have but the Redskins this year you can't keep your quarterback healthy for the most part if he's always scrambling outside the pocket being chased down by linebackers and even made it to the post it. If it's that it's the most important player on the field. And you know what. Robert Griffin the third couldn't finish two games didn't start another and in the playoffs we all know what happened against the Seahawks in pocket never get injured. Just look at injured and of course I know that you know Russell Wilson didn't have a significant injury you know are happy and do not damage. But don't give it some time it because I'll tell you this the more outside the of the of the pocket the harder of the hit and the more you and and that the knee injury that RG three suffered. You that was would result of the hit it didn't see coming. Now in the pocket you typically can sense things coming. There the blind side B well we've got certainly is video guarding your eye doctor okay he didn't see that last pit coming so you know I think what's gonna happen is there you were to see some evolution. But I think at the end of the owners and head coaches are gonna win they look. Our our quarterbacks are too valuable to expose on it week to week basis. In just sit on the bench and in the locker room and they're gonna get hurt that are in the pocket when they're scrambling around. You know I think I think bringing that other good dimension to the game. I think you know it's true it's true on defense defensive coordinators. They do get paid a lot of money off into mourners could have paid a lot of money to put in wrinkles. To try to throw them off so it'll be an interest in chess match plausible. And it's an M when NL coming up a couple here or three out apologize what was. When they would have ruled out about it special teams can make a tackle okay. Or or or if you try to use Kong legs down there in that last series he's gonna be a good anybody but he didn't do that there was no. Well it's really time for me to bring you back If things through my I think if we're watching again this was Kerry an out keep it locked. CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins cut it. CSN Washington dot com.