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Nats' Drew Storen not living in the past



CSN Washington dot com obviously it's on line but he. The emotion of it you know took a couple days that I get short term memory you know I think that's tonight take pride and in. The hardest part bonuses just on another game that's easy thing about if you -- bad game to the next night and takes so. You know just countless old down -- you know I I quickly with Orton was excited -- this year answer entry entry. Did you find yourself reliving it and I think you know what you hear differently. Mean I go back and -- you make the adjustments in the stands for what is he caddie can't chase Austin I can control element this year. Texas I know Brees and kept both talked to you -- clip. After Soriano signing what was kind of messages out you approach with their what they -- telling you about everyone's role now yeah I mean. They obviously -- that -- decent -- here and you know just and it makes the team -- -- and you know it's enough to take it like. There used to take my job one on anything like that is just it is business and it seemed better industry that. Comforting thing to hear from them I'm sure when it first happens -- kind of wonder what's going on absolutely you know -- sporting gentleman on. That's the main thing is communication so you know they they expressed. You know the -- going to be in. Saw it today. CSN Washington dot com.


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