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  1. Martell Webster0:34
  2. Nate Robinson0:28
  3. Jordan Crawford0:17
  4. Trevor Booker0:11
  5. Wall Street0:48
  6. Wizards0:30
  7. Jerusalem1:33
  8. Bulls0:54
  9. Washington0:00, 0:22, 0:39
  10. Chicago1:06
Sat, 26 Jan 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Who's going watch and wait for women's cup itself misses a jumper before it hits it fits the rebound the -- that -- -- It didn't look at Trevor Booker. You don't get -- -- goodness in the second worked for the transition Jordan Crawford hesitates and drive the lane and get the puck shot. Ball Washington forty. Tend to play in the half on wall taken Nate Robinson school. Don't Wizards are six of the break now more of the same in the first Martell Webster and and they -- in the given go to perfection nicely done. Washington led by as many as twenty points now twelfth game before the Gibson gets the ball pull out by long. The basket of the way we go Wall Street gets -- pushed it. Typical way and the victims and who. I'll set the Bulls 867. Victory for the fifth straight win seven of ten overall pretty good week. Every time you play Chicago is going to be. It's going to be a bloodbath is going to be scratch claw and fight for every point every rebound there news there was really important your -- coming out. Finished third quarter. -- both of -- having played last night they got us going and energized and you win a quarter by twelve and build yourself a little cushion to where. You know we still got a couple guys and restrictions. They'll allow hostess who police allows me not to say Jerusalem and wanna put a mariner until the doctor go screw yourself. There but I'm not gonna do that CSN Washington dot com.

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