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NatsFest 2013: Sights and sounds



  1. Nick Price2:22
  2. World Series2:46
  3. Bryce Harper2:29
  4. Boys and Girls Club2:14
  5. George Bernard1:36
  6. rfk stadium0:47
  7. Alexandria2:15
  8. Brooklyn1:15, 1:17
  9. season ticket holder0:38
  10. favorite player2:36
Sat, 26 Jan 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Here and that's that's with an original season ticket holder. What can you say about how far the nationals have come since you first start watching. Elvis that's the amazing from sitting in rfk stadium it speaks with stairs that were crumbling. Q you know a picnic at rfk. To fan fest at the convention centers pretty amazing week -- I think getting them to -- -- -- And it switches you what -- -- can do in terms of winning. Yet I mean you mention the amount of people here -- next year they might need a bigger players the thing. Well we get back worlds is. Extremely eat all floors in the convention center. Brooklyn not -- Brooklyn. Who's your favorite national. -- -- here -- and that's that's with Harper's home boys which is a FaceBook group. -- what what can you tell us about it. I'm Chris this is Laura and our founding father George Bernard Joe's not here. -- but now harper -- -- is a big FaceBook fan club we have about a 150 members. And we all kind of grew up together -- they FaceBook played and go out to. Games and actually when -- actually gains we're really loud we got banners went went rice comes out we all have our banner we hear. A lot of fun. What section you guys that are not currently on this theory we have section still won which is along they efforts they third base line. The mezzanine and looked far banner harper someplace. We also bring kids since you found out Boys and Girls Club Alexandria and DC. And we treat we try to get as many excuses we can come in -- decent baseball. However Nick Price yet but we're trying. I am here with a young nationals than his name is actually writes he is wearing a Bryce Harper Jersey -- you see and take your hat off for a second. He has Bryce Harper's there as well as those rights are your favorite player. Yes do. How how party think the nationals are gonna go this year. After the -- in the World Series. Are the nationals better than the Phillies. Brett flex him out. CSN Washington dot com.

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