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Caps continue to gain confidence with first win



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Sun, 27 Jan 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. -- earn their first win of the season by out working and how playing the Sabres special teams finally came through as they were perfect on the penalty kill. And Alex Ovechkin scored his first goal of the season.

On the power play -- it's is gonna come sooner or later so. He had I think today were clearly we will -- it's -- responsible and defensively and I think it's conditions stuff. Get in shape and I -- how we move we -- make -- circles.

Joel Ward got things started tying the game up at one apiece in the first period. His line with Jason Tamara and Mike Ribeiro was clicking on every shift.

I can't get past -- toward nobody and I I wouldn't say I look forward to it just sounds better -- definitely kiss those probably could pass some excellent you know it's. Playing it just got to get pucks and I think can you get pucks in a good things happen. If you look at what the district court she threw to them they found a way to get and so. You know I got to do it's you have to start working hard -- simple answer that's happened. You feel heading into today having done what he.

Yeah I think so under the senators thought you know the conference was there is it to the mood is upbeat even though we lost -- penalty ever and so we. We kind of brought them -- and again today either practice I think on salary had a really good practice guys are jumping and you know I think like -- have won when he always leading us like that it's tough to tough not to follow I think when. When he when he needs to turn has really gotten you minnesotans -- and her team can help follow us I think that's when he plays they got guys hit it just goes right to teams.

Not the way we we play we played Smart which applies we've played too much in our zone. And we just played Smart hockey today and you know I've made evidence.

Next the caps had north of the border for two games against Ottawa and Toronto Tuesday and Thursday with the capitals Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Much import is brought to you by subway fresh. I guess of Maryland's season was a subway sandwich you'll probably be a cold cut combo. Not the best of on the menu but still pretty tasty it's the challenge for the terps is to be tomorrow. Start working on that meatball marinara there in other words they can improve their standing by being more consistent in the ACC yes. Head coach Mark Turgeon wasn't entirely upset with the his team played against the Yankees. Blue Devils were simply that much better but he saw some positives that can help them tomorrow night against the As thing is going in the right direction I really do in a you know my guys and so Prada lose and when he did Nadal. You know. And and that's no fun but. We did a lot of things in a game and give me confidence moving forward and down. For a young team like assess what that I got those four guys for four years ago at those three guys in that you know that's that's a good feeling. good feeling in there and they're good players so. Future I think the future looks pretty good and hope for the future starts Wednesday night. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Gio Gonzalez responds to PED implication

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    CSN Washington dot com. Today allegations linking GO Gonzales to performance enhancing drugs. A report out of South Florida claims the name of the ace shows up in the lab reports from the anti aging clinic bio Genesis that clinic. Now closed in the man who ran a clinic Anthony bosh is now missing. The dozens of names involved with the lab and a lengthy report into by the Genesis was published in the new times of Miami. Major League Baseball said it has been investigating a PD ring in South Florida for several months. Gonzales denied the allegations the south fox had an outstanding year last season a Cy Young finalists he finished. With a 21 an eight record and a two point 89. ERA Nat released this statement via Twitter today quote I've never used performance enhancing drugs of any kind and I never will. I've never met or spoken with Tony bosh or use any substances provided by him. Anything is said to the contrary is a lot. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. CAA mid-season update

    Tue, 29 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. So frantic and over their NCAA insider been standing for CSN Washington dot com. Now this is George Mason team this kind of like doctor Jekyll and mr. high and earlier this week they tells them within really faltered down the stretch is northeast. Yes so. Paul Hewitt decided against pass and he's gonna change the lineup kind of radical he went with a three guard starting lineup for the first time all year to hopefully generate more offense. Blum worked perfectly this court 77 points big road win at Same lineup going against northeastern team reverts to its all old offense really except for right he'll be consistently can generate any offense. There were some have stay in the game Italy 4945 who. Late stage of the second half game ends twenty to six run they were on the wrong end of that. I'm Barbara talk apology or this or just talk about the offensive inconsistencies. Men try to averages eighteen score average seven. That is huge discrepancy and they can't figure out away to get that going he thought a three guard attack would work it didn't against northeastern. All the way to biggest thing probably out of northeastern game is at the CAA regular season title probably. A distant memory at this point they're way behind northeast Kansas the undefeated now they got to play for proceeding for the tournament. But I gotta get that offense going consistently for the to release them a chance. Many minutes in 2000 earlier earlier this season they wanted to surprises in the country but now really sees that they can come back down in the struggling of late. Yeah I was at the George Mason game and draw about a man who the former Georgia he had huge parts of the country at that time he was lead in the country in double and right there at the top rebounding. He lost took his composure that game as coach really. Kind of certainly things afterwards about about the lack of composure basically what thousand. They don't have a lot of often just all about grit and rebounding and defense and they fill in the gaps. When they lose some of that edge there and that's when on the wrong way and I think that's what you've seen these last few games. It's still impressive they've only get this far but since they can't make the post season it's all about the regular season so be nicer than that figured a way to close this thing out and Andy And William and Mary is no one disease stroke and NCAA play but one of their Bryce west has been a player Marcus Thornton so. What can he provide for them going forward in future because he's only a sophomore he is big its third in the CA and scoring former bishop MacNamara star we just out. Every you can imagine sort of a wing guard being at this level I can shoot from outside he's got to driving ability just a really dynamic player and he's definitely going to be some four years. One of the best players. In this conference if it's little weird this team because you look biggest had a seven game losing streak or what's not good but they. one of those games at double overtime loss to northeastern the only undefeated team in the conference and and it doesn't beat Townshend. It's and they already have more wins I did last year so it's already been a step up and season for them compared to a year ago but against sort of a task we'd like to see them. Finish strong and special for an you know there's every there's a reason I think that the CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Point guard play is holding Terps back

    Tue, 29 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Brian Jackson joined with our NCAA and Saturday and stand it and then Maryland his. Now three in four and ACC play after getting blown up by Duke last week in and one of the things that they really struggled with his office is consistency. A lot of it has to do with their point guard play or lack thereof. Yeah I mean piece on Howard. He's out had a lot of injuries and he's she's tough it out but I've never quite looked at him thought to myself he's a true lead guard is in the way the Buick distributor and you you look at the overall team to to have a lot of the pieces policy at the entire play not just of Alex land but if a lot of big bodies did Dez wells Obama. Perimeter in the open court and nets are so crazy that I have to stop. They have computers maybe not enough but it's feels like to point guard play is kind of where the offense gets bogged down and he really had a terrible game of the no points no assists seven turnovers. I don't know what Mark Turgeon can do he's obviously been searching really high and low for point guard he used as well there. I don't know if that's the long term solution but right now I don't know if there is a long term solution and that could be used a problem for them gotta get the Dolphins don't. And they were at about the midpoint of the ACC conference schedules so what does had to do now to hopefully get themselves turner and now come march. You know you'd like to have had a better nonconference schedule also give yourself a little little wiggle room that you yourself no wiggle room turgeon. Realizes that he schedule and a little bit too light underestimating what he had. They have had no. Notable non conference win that means now we have to go 500 the AC CI suspect you probably a little higher than that and the deal one nice win against NC state. That's probably not going to be enough they probably find a way to beat. A Duke again norm or Miami or North Carolina or somebody on the way to have a chance though. We've got to do at least the 500 and probably you know little a to add that. CSN Washington dot com.