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3 and Out(Pt 2): What position do Redskins need to address asap?

Mon, 28 Jan 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Sorry guys we huge question mark around the cornerback position and then there's some little question mark. You know caught -- with that free agency the draft coming up what do you guys think is the number one position. That the Redskins need to bolster this offseason breaks let's fix thing about the start it. Yeah I I think they got to find free safety I mean we do Williams. You know good guy great veteran to you know charity. Work all that sorry. I can't see them starting the season makes me -- is a phrase -- round mound you can see him being back. So they have to find somebody -- keep the captain time via his had it which is why that second round draft choice could could well go towards safety or. Alternative is DeAngelo Hall he would have to work his contract. Take had taken quite substantial haircut no paycheck. But he could move -- free -- be lined up back there every once while last year. He seems seems to fit his style -- he's got the speed he's got the play making ability to to play that position. Might be in there and then quarterback same thing second round of the draft may be. Look target a cornerback in my depend on who's on who's on the board you know we can get. Good thing if the safety didn't get as better leave De'Angelo cornerback and get a better quarterback. Than indians' -- safety. Park I'm gonna go with right tackle. And yet. You know Tyler Columbus was adequate OK I mean you know he wasn't great wasn't bad I mean used probably better in an end run blocking -- he was in pass protection. But it fourteen that is trying to take that next step. You know that is trying to refine its holes as opposed to filling big gaps you know having missed the playoffs they would've still been in rebuilding mode right now -- trying to refine. And if you're if you're gonna make an upgrade especially in the offensive line you got examine how Columbus did and whether you think you can go outside. And get a better player or whether you believe that Tom Compton more -- who are already on the roster young guys. Can step in and be a better player at that position because it looks to me like right now. Bombed him plums is certainly if you know he's if he's a -- so this question mark there and Jammal Brown he's just not. You know at this point he almost you almost have to count him out I mean what we don't know exactly what's going on there. But you know the fact is yet to be at a hundred and hit hit it failed comeback attempt to build a season that just to me that. Might spell the end of his Redskins career. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Everybody Greg here with your Geico sports net central update another big night for John Wall the Wizards point guard. Netted fifteen point 39 assists and four steals as the with. Are all when I got an important victory to their third straight win. Big go on the road losing games in the bag Clippers. Knicks and Brooklyn. They're investing in those innings and wins. I don't note he's got five. when I guess I just need to. during this whole time but the league known John officially back now. Our lineup and odds are gonna prove point. And on his remark his son could only hit slowdown in games and that's one thing I'm doing right now to step up. And I know people understand you do when isn't. And were connected right now. No question. And cover for each other and you know that's the main thing we've got five guys that are committed. defensively. And you make mistakes we know what I like our mistakes now being made because they're aggressive. Could see the Wizards winning and that'll do it from here in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Greg tall and for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com ultimately what was this game loss you guests tonight. Well the second corner. Couldn't we couldn't soreness that he Gordon Oakland because posadas one was for us in the paint. And you know they wanted to Mauresmo. you're as a free time. It continues to which stint as first it was good at the same time. I'm just a fluke because there. You know. Moscow will play for him so that the those in the fitness and listen to an enormous importance. Morgan made two free throws. It was and mr. those them. Boggs could hit the hustle and I was off slow tonight. He's clearly noticing that when John is in that lineup now they look completely different they've had a tremendous week would definitely I'm in that's Elizabeth and has come together the only good that would that team. Loads of confidence that complainants have performed still happy the court and they'll put together that really really really CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. What a week in Washington for the Wizards after wins over the Clippers Knicks and nets. Washington beat all three teams combined 95 wins this season. By an average of eleven points per game. Streak is gonna do we know there's some really really good teams that won't change. Everybody is talking about them for a contender so. We can really right. Overall and everybody play well and to everybody is stepping up more of and. Just good break off. We sorry you the bitterest also break and then come back in his aside from the same agency. Watched it turned up the heat on Brooklyn in the second quarters nets' first field goal didn't come until 336. Left. In the second submit sat 18%. And only had eleven points in the it's reminds him. You know you don't have to have a ball go in anywhere. On defense you know it's just a matter of five guys being connected. And were connected right now businesses effort. You have to. He suffered for me. Score there's a little bit more so. We continue to do whatever we do yourself a chance every night. Randy Witten said after the game that next step in the development of this young basketball team is taking this momentum on the road. It was sent two games away from the Verizon center for the all star break in Houston. At the Verizon Center Chris Miller CS have lost. Csnwashington.com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. John Wall was healthy all year you know the team shouldn't have fourteen and thirty fire now sits down returned narratives that. There event and it out of the eight spot I would think that they would have won. 1213 of the game. The third round loss if he was field. Player. John might not deployed on. He's trying to do everything he possibly can't. Big guys leading by going down make sure he gets a ball into the hands although Oakland guys you look at the team he's player accomplished they're right regardless. And when you look at John Wall he adopted state and out there playing defense he's the young man what a lot of speed unbelievable as we can get up and down according evolved as he wants to but he's making the right decisions about putting the ball in the hands and open guys and not turn the ball. Force and I only two turnovers we did not assist you know there are big like seventy Blazers are my dad remembered is that more points. But the guy. Is playing unbelievable ball and I say. The fact that he came back healthy you look at the whole team he's in the mall. As you know basketball he's still getting his sea legs. He's actually get even quicker you can imagine that folks. On the hard wood and a deal comes back from the everybody around them but may. may play an injured all season long he had a thumping game and of course that was ex wizard which will get to a lot. Unbelievable game and anytime you beat Andre Blatche and you miss two free throws with two improbable would soon to be honest that I have the but it doesn't particularly. Putting putting on this album it's an deal. I'm very happy to see this young man. Play the way he's playing yes we got our. I didn't think he would play in where he was out they've talked about him enlisted I was thinking again. But the main thing by the fact he's come back now healthy. Blair what his comments this team is a lot better and UV was saying it don't blow this team a lead this team It could have had maybe spot here they are inevitable to happen. Let go before he's you know before but then they he's a he definitely is but you know before you look at this guy. I like his demeanor I mean he's just one of those guys is playing in the framework of team. liver or team does so much rebound down won't get through to get up and down the court. CSN Washington dot com.