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Mike Rizzo glad to be back with players as season nears



-- in dot com. -- might see this kind of turn out both fans and players at an event like this what does that mean to you by. -- -- -- I think it says a lot of players you know they they wanna be that invested in in this city of Washington DC. And the fan base and and the event is just terrific you know. Being a capacity for air for our inaugural event here -- -- senators Austin. Chance to see a lot of these guys for the first time all winter what stood out -- you as far as who looks in good shape in. This look like tennis and be ready in three weeks for. Spring training where you know it it's that we we keep in Constant Contact with them we've -- felt good about all of them coming in and in the right condition and that it's just good to see amendment to talk to him again and and see what they've done in the offseason not only. Baseball wise and condition wise but you know what kind of on the how they relaxed offseason so it's it's kind of it's an area it's very cordial conversations in which is good to see these guys again you know after. An abrupt abrupt and you know of the season and kind of guys gathered it was good to see him again. With less than three weeks now to pitchers and catchers report you feel like your roster is essentially sent as far as who's going to be in camp -- -- -- you know we like to tee there we think we have in place if we if we were to break camp yeah exactly Austria now we'd be very very satisfied and excited about it and we think we have a good that the team to compete and and we're looking forward it's a disease. Nice is it to be in that kind of position because that's not a spot -- being in British Open camp and have a pretty good idea of close to what your point -- rosters can be. Yeah -- sure it shows the the growth of the roster and the way it's been constructed and and I think the the evolution of the players and that the way that developed throughout your organization now we've got great depth and and and we're still very very young team. CSN Washington dot com.



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