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Point guard play is holding Terps back



CSN Washington dot com. Brian Jackson joined with our NCAA and Saturday and stand it and then Maryland his. Now three in four and ACC play after getting blown up by Duke last week in and one of the things that they really struggled with his office is consistency. A lot of it has to do with their point guard play or lack thereof. Yeah I mean piece on Howard. He's out -- had a lot of injuries and he's she's tough it out but I've never quite looked at him -- thought to myself he's a true lead guard is in the way the Buick distributor and you you look at the overall team to -- to have a lot of the pieces policy at the entire play not just of Alex land but if a lot of big bodies did Dez wells Obama. Perimeter in the open court and nets are so crazy that I have to stop. They have computers maybe not enough but it's feels like to point guard play is kind of where the offense gets bogged down and he really had a terrible game of the -- no points no assists seven turnovers. I don't know what Mark Turgeon can do -- he's obviously been searching really high and low for point guard he used as well there. I don't know if that's the long term solution but right now I don't know if there is a long term solution and that could be used a problem for them -- gotta get the Dolphins don't. And they were at about the midpoint of the ACC conference schedules so what does -- had to do now to hopefully get themselves turner and now come march. You know you'd like to have had a better nonconference schedule also give yourself a little little wiggle room -- that you yourself no wiggle room -- turgeon. Realizes that he schedule and a little bit too light underestimating what he had. They have had no. Notable non conference win that means now we have to go 500 the AC CI suspect you probably a little higher than that and the deal one nice win against NC state. That's probably not going to be enough they probably find a way to beat. A Duke again norm or Miami or North Carolina or somebody on the way to have a chance though. We've got to do at least the 500 and probably you know little a -- to add that. CSN Washington dot com.



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