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Hoyas being aided by strong bench play



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Tue, 29 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Well into season Washington that come on Brian Jackson to embark NCAA insider been standing. And being -- house article went to a conference play but has now won for the last five games in conference. Including Saturday's win over the in over fumble. Now over the course coast have to -- he said are relatively short rotation but it looks like over this last stretch he's really grown a lot deeper into his bench. -- I mean you don't wanna call losing your second leading scorer rebounder silver lining by any stretch. But it's forced spectators forced. John Thompson -- go deeper in his bench he's using guys like. A debunked this with Rivera who was playing but not a lot of minutes now he's playing a lot more he's become a real key score for this team Moses I but I wasn't playing much inside. Grabbed ten rebounds the upset win over Notre Dame. And in this last game Aaron Rowand who for his first three years basically wasn't playing all he's been playing consistent minutes -- the big. -- Rebound tip it over the shoulder play to win the game so yeah it's force in the go to his bench and it's been a big key because they need a lot of other guys to get involved. -- besides Otto Porter and speed of Otto Porter he is and all the medals to be an MBA small forward but do you think he's going to be -- down the summer. This summer I don't know I mean you know heat the way the NBA draft that Ortiz as we all know what I mean there's no. Anybody lightly because there's no real deserve this and not a particularly impressive draft he's a guy -- you look at the list seasonal lottery projection. The one thing -- at the recent play that. Would probably bode well for him -- the next level he's a really soft spoken kid really NASCAR and it was kind of wonder. Could he be a leader of the team could be take the bull by the horns and speak and without winning and he's really done that and in each of the five games you scored at least seventeen points as not just the points -- really take an aggressive -- in the ball and had Dolphins go through him so I think in terms of the next level. That bodes well but in terms of this level to prepare for Georgia are now. CSN Washington dot com.

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