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Mark Turgeon wants more out of the Terps on the road



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Tue, 29 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Much import is brought to you by subway fresh. I guess of Maryland's season was a subway sandwich you'll probably be a cold cut combo. Not the best of on the menu but still pretty tasty it's the challenge for the terps is to be -- -- tomorrow. Start working on that meatball marinara there in other words they can improve their standing by being more consistent in the ACC yes. Head coach Mark Turgeon wasn't entirely upset with the -- his team played against the Yankees. Blue Devils were simply that much better but he saw some positives that can help them tomorrow night against the -- As thing is going in the right direction I really do in a -- -- you know my guys and so Prada -- lose and -- when he did Nadal. You know. And and that's no fun but. We did a lot of things in a game and give me confidence moving forward and down. For a young team like assess what that I got those four guys for four years ago at those three guys in that -- you know that's that's a good feeling. -- good feeling in there and they're good players so. Future I think the future looks pretty good and hope for the future starts Wednesday night. CSN Washington dot com.

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