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Alan May: Caps let Senators steal momentum



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  3. New York Rangers2:10
  4. unanswered goals0:03
  5. Michael Driver1:35
  6. penalty box0:27
  7. solid performance1:38
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  9. Toronto1:46, 2:23
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Wed, 30 Jan 2013|



Csnwashington.com. Allen the three unanswered goals what led to this collapse though we saw the first heard actually the first. 39 minutes of the game where that was the caps pressing for fore checking shooting the puck in the front and that creating battles in front of the Ottawa net -- Anderson. And in late in the game after they were scored on at the end of the second period all the so there's a defensive Shell and the third period they quit skating. They were soft at their pox they were getting the puck to the other end and up in the penalty box next thing you know they're down 32. Now opinion. Couldn't put the blame on a guy like -- ward for that when you say this has kind of been building up to that point not you know all veterans -- the penalty was an example of the defenseman were moving the puck softly and I don't -- and moves the -- in the haven't take a panelist. Ward penalty just an unfortunate miscue there were the calls that have been made this year are very NBA like in my opinion all these little -- Hands on the -- type of calls I'm not a fan of -- what's going on right now. But at the same time the caps set back. And they just trade a moment for Ottawa who has a potent power play they've got a lot of very good skill players. And they let Ottawa in the game in the third period in their own arena that's not a good recipe take me through the game winning goal. We're just getting pucks in net bodies in front of the net crashing the net. And the biggest thing you do not wanna give a team like ought to walk. It was a slow boil for them all game and then they erupted in the third you can't let them have that big chance at the end of the game because they are hot team. They're one of the best teams in the National Hockey League in the short season. This move around the clock from the top and you see the net presence two guys in front of the net I love that. And look at you got capital screening got all types of vision obscurity for Michael Driver. And you can't fault him tonight another solid performance by him. But nice deflection off top spot once again you guys up front -- that talent that happened broke quickly moving ahead to Toronto. What do they take from this game what does that they've got to play game all three periods you've got to play your game they played a game. Very good the first -- a lot of aggression the fore check was phenomenal getting puck to the front and that ugly goals players getting to the paint. They've got to continue that and then take away the speed in the third without sitting back and doing your own and retreating. We've got to get rid of that dale hunter hockey it was fine it beat the Boston Bruins but you know what it didn't do anything against the New York Rangers -- been scoring goals. The amount of goals that they needed to you've got to play aggressive hockey to win.

All right we will see if they can keep pressing as the actor turned action Thursday night when their donating adventure continues in Toronto. Against the labeling. Csnwashington.com.

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