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Denard Span ready to set the table for Nats



CSN Washington dot com. What's this experience been like for you you know of sun coming -- new city new team since like -- welcoming you -- well right off the. There's been a great soon -- is this is the love love love experience today. -- energy there than the excitement with the ballclub and -- just a good Phil wants two it's become to a to a new team at the right time together and had a good season last year and I'm just excited. Couple years ago there was talk of maybe a trade. We could come here and has this been a team that was on your mind all longer or did take you by surprise that when the trade I could happen. On the anointed kind. Even though there's a history of the years ago the love of the rumors Bobby didn't traded this offseason united -- was going to be traded -- Q the -- see what they -- it up a little bit last year with the Washington so I didn't know what to really expect good. When I got the news you know I was saddened because I had been in Minnesota for awhile but when I'm -- Now realize I was going to first place team the team knows ready to win. You know -- my I think I got excited to have select a little kid again and you play in Little League. You're gonna have worse harper Zimmerman -- Desmond only behind you has a lead off guy. How exciting is to know you have that kind of power behind you and and so what is your task become at that point. My task is to get on base by any means necessary on you know there's been hit by at this. You know reads on there in the base it whatever it is. The is my job is going to be the deal that to start things off and set the tone and -- -- but don't -- -- see a lot of pitches and and be able to make the dugout and now you relate some -- information to those guys. There's going to be a lot of attention on the scene this year. Coming off 98 wins. Lot of people feel it's one of the favorites for World Series out how do you guys as a team have to approach that. Knowing that and everybody is gunning after you. Well I think we just got this starts in spring training starts and a few weeks we've got to come together as team in. And stick together in and then whatever we hear outside from the media and outside -- you gotta keep that outside in. And stay together as a team and and -- got to go out the next Putin and played together. CSN Washington dot com.



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