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Redskins Nation: Rich Tandler on Doug Williams's legacy



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Thu, 31 Jan 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com he is rich Taylor he writes a great block I urge you to check him out. You wanna talk about that you want to predict Super Bowl this with a -- On a good but still yet where you got away -- to let them brought us a lot of does get a lot of weight who's gonna with the big it's. I've got the -- Francisco 49ers I think. Offensively if you wanna put it down to one guy calling -- for -- -- you know he's he's he's the real deal at least until the offensive coordinators -- study him all year in and try to figure amount but he's got. Both the speed and the arm Baltimore does not have their traditionally stout defense you know. Ray Lewis and Reed formerly great players no longer leaks. Is that yeah your studies are battling injuries. Yeah a lot of not a is is that's pretty -- in there. But you know I just think the management and outscored them and you know kudos to Joseph Flacco for his playoff run meant. I think it's that is present. Let's pick we'll give you mine coming up on Friday in fact our culture is going to be here on Friday if he will Wear this -- Victorious this year at all pro -- so I think Bolden Charlie is we will keep its proper picture as well. The -- will be forced to Wear the rest of this year. While it appears on the show him. Up post Pro Bowl 32 bites from the real quick all the talk about four guys obviously. Very quick comment from you Ryan Kerrigan at a mile. Went there and looked looked strong he was and he played a lot I think he had whoever responds to be and then kind of -- -- hey outlets let's let the kid play. But I knew he was all over sideline to sideline was impressed he -- Yes yet clearly just about you know playing playing at that level. But at Fletcher did a lot of media was allowed to do a lot of it is winner will be its future -- luxuries got a lot of a lot of things to say that he really makes a lot of sense compared to some guys. How long before we hear what his status will be next year do you think personal -- of. I I think there's a very good chance to come back and put it -- about 75%. But. Yeah you never know and hopefully you would let them know. Within about a month or so before free agency starts before the draft comes along so they can they can plan on. What they're gonna do whether -- internally to replace them -- are looking outside. I just think London Fletcher you're watching a Redskins nation could probably use another year of radio and TV -- -- Before you jump and of that business and the Redskins would like to see you back Bergen angle -- Trent Williams. Trent Williams obviously was involved in that situation any ramifications. From the. I've I wouldn't think so you know Clinton that the league went out of its way to say that he was a victim in what happened. On you know that you just got done. We got. Caught up in somebody was it. A night -- won your third the other players there you know he a -- got some comments on Twitter you'd you'd like to -- you know guys sit at home and you know and do nothing but this is the Friday known him several days before the game. Go out there about 23 the other guys to clubs and I evidently just got you know things just -- -- still look. Knowledge is so important I think the league says something about that establishment look at the guys. Record who who actually hit Trent did that to admit I don't know if he's still locked up what's going on we're not that we pay any attention that legal situation that Williams was there. Do the right thing actually helping out. A family member and really not being part of the fracas and obviously got caught up adds up quickly worked ever -- Lorenzo Alexander. Big decision on. That decision on him -- -- that at the probable he's he was all of the measure whether by the NFC in tackles most readers special teams guy. A promising kind of situations cared any on the others on linebackers and a -- what the guy play. So he was out there he looked like you have a good time in. Could could be the guy in there to replace. London at least in the short term it's not the long term. Aren't very quickly tomorrow the anniversary of Doug Williams of the record that the great performance the bubble former Super Bowl history as a Redskins won their second Super Bowl direct about that tomorrow. Yeah I'm coming out but it makes that your you're not hearing that brought up anymore he he had to take questions like you feel like Jackie Robinson. And do you feel like a miracle rooting for you against the Redskins because because there -- can't happen that he's a mixed race -- -- didn't have to hear that Donovan McNabb. Steve McNair. Because of -- on -- were just able to go into the game and concentrate on football. CSN Washington dot com.

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