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Gibbs, Williams reminisce on Super Bowl XXII while helping the community



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Fri, 1 Feb 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. When building a house you need all the right -- but it -- -- nails in the Super Bowl rings a man. This is great to see all these people here. Everybody going after with the hammers and everything in the background I think it's great. Joseph did and Doug Williams celebrating together the 25 anniversary of Super Bowl 22 companies build houses for habitat for humanity. That's right it's been a quarter century since they earned those wrinkles. I don't feel like just today it was sort of needles -- and it went well are you to go put it fair amount paid the most important thing in. I told him I was talking about this today is the fact that we're fortunate and blessed and still beat -- up -- -- news. I told our guys says and then this can't be I'm not old enough to that but at bats at. Trip to Daytona five years. Williams had one of the most remarkable performances in Super Bowl history throwing for 348. Yards for the game. But he wrapped up the MVP in the second quarter alone when he went nine of eleven for 228. Yards and four touchdowns. Well and I made a point today -- chatter really didn't realize it was eighteen plays that's -- making plays and scored 35 bucks and honestly I think on that day I get it done this. Let's try and that what is that -- they -- yards. But the numbers alone don't go down in history. Williams it was also the first and remains the last African American quarterback to win a super so I think these two and still find it hard to believe. You know dad -- being from from down woman ma'am do you -- called up Obama left which Warren Moon was still playing around -- Cunningham Michael Vick. To tell me that you have a matter of happen again 25 years that's probably. I don't think upon a person on our team thought about -- is a black quarterback coming out. I was kind dumbfounded I got there and I'll talk hype -- over to put their black quarterbacks and oh my gosh he black he had a great. I didn't yeah I can't -- that it is he's our quarterback. CSN Washington dot com.

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