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Backstrom freezes Bryzgalov on pretty breakaway backhander


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    Csnwashington.com. There with starting pitcher that while there it and that's that's Ross winner is kind of coming to an end here pretty soon what can you tell by your offseason. Alone I was at a wedding just about every you know it went pretty But it's awesome to be here and see all the fans coming we have. You know we have more fans here fan fest that we live normal game in 2009 through the experience. Now obviously everyone heard about your trip overseas the USO tour hang with Martin Dempsey and all them. How. How much of that life experience is that and now that you've been kind of removed from it what what are your thoughts on the experience. Yeah I mean going through you don't really know. What's really going on and then at the fact you can't sit there and think about what you did you know I get to travel over there Terrell deficits is one of the most powerful people in the world so it's. It's pretty surreal that I actually got to sit there and talk to him in his life and and got to know a little bit and then. Awesome to see all the troops in Indian over there and see in the the landscape and what they have to deal with everyday it's you know it's kind of life changing experience. I was actually able to interview Dempsey at that he was a game five believe it or not use an the president's club and he gave me a coin when he met need to be in the same yeah I've actually I've met him a few times first it's his last year's. I get a plane from him and again over an overseas experts do agree that it's it's. Yes that long and all the and never Tennessee is I remembered back to this past December when the season. Now talk about baseball. another offseason for you coming back as a starter. Anything you've worked on specifically this offseason got another pitch that you're gonna throw out there. Now than I mean this is inclusive fastball and I think this year in my playoff start that's young and Nixon if you margins of sinkers ball curve balls earlier in the game. That's why didn't and had some success against him a great hitting team. Whereas. You know a couple weeks before that I threw mostly fastballs nerds can't sit so that that really taught me a lot there. Now bring an end Denard Span. Obviously is a leadoff hitter but a lot of do defense what do you think. The outfield you guys are gonna have how good can they be defensive. And yeah we had a great defensive outfield last year and we we built upon that. You know places learn new positions and last year's. You know he's gonna go back to where more comfortable and I've really seen in too much being an AL but I've heard he's one of the best offensive. Center fielders in the game I am actually heard that he was a little better and Michael born so we got to see him a bunch of hits for us last year so I'm pretty excited about that. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. NealVID

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    CSN Baltimore dot com. Welcome back down south you all here on the banks of the Mississippi we are joined today by a four time pro bowler. And former raven Lorenzo Neal was actually drafted by New Orleans Saints back in the day you played. In Super Bowl 34 that was a classic game I Titans in the Rams and fortunately you're on the wrong side of the Eagles what was it like though from the time you. Win that championship game. That 1011 days after we are now you're still 48 hours before kickoff. Right it's such a ride you know brought up as a kid all intrigued about is plain and simple and to have that opportunity to play in a Super Bowl. Beating your dream it's unbelievable that whole week don't you lead that is what you've still protects you can't wait your anticipation can't win for the game and all of a sudden. It you there and it's a point yet so it's great but that we grew though we let distractions get tickets get the film given them tickets for the game. It's a lot of distractions but now these guys are situated there ready to go. It looked great game as the World the best that in your voice is certainly the other little list this weather here nationals really cold but you know. made a remarkable season Baltimore dot com.