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  1. John Erskine0:43
  2. Mike Green1:38, 1:46
  3. Danny Briere1:04
  4. Matt Hendricks0:32
  5. Mike Knuble0:11
  6. Broward1:42
  7. Ronaldo0:29
  8. Red Line1:30
  9. water bottle1:53
Sat, 2 Feb 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back to -- -- game live ridiculous let's get a lot of Mike Knuble back. For the Baghdad this time no score late in the first. I don't know -- that would diners here and looks like an elbow Allen. It -- to step up -- play him as head down to the last minute dollars and get to double up and definitely not intentional. But I'm sure that he's going to be talking at someone tomorrow they're going to respond to the flyers was announced that Ronaldo and he starts mixing it up with -- Matt Hendricks now I would have -- the public dropped. So that's a big game was kinda for both those players. Yeah you know it definitely that's not the guy that separate all the should be going after he should win. This flyers he has to do and went after John Erskine and that's that's a bad move on his part in that hander. Father was not expecting that whatsoever because -- definitely guy you wanna spoil his versatility from. Second period of great chances to wants to drive off the Cubs. Yes great play or -- -- that we haven't seen that enough for a while that could avoid to award. And then the flyers score vs Danny Briere and France's. -- -- -- First goal of the season. Yeah I'm very ugly goal for -- different again but you know what you gotta be there to score those goals we've got a couple of last place Toronto. Excellent golfer and he has some wonderful on the fire alarm and all the flyers evacuate the ice water in the world. Wide open -- out of Tennessee did you've got a lot of these will be going through personal goal on a breakaway -- like to practice in the ones chasing me a while everyone that the Red Line and and expect it takes his time and wait for over -- Popped open it. All right so third period now and Mike Green. Visited drugs destroyed Broward. -- -- against the Colts got great vision by Mike Green to get that pass across and would -- -- do that I think so beautiful shot right where our. Almost water bottle which would get a lot of beautiful girl who. I look at present and the cavs are cruising and and off the faceoff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll burst of -- political back and finished -- you know you always want to score face off but. Never be quite a scoring from there. Excellent work by him good stick. -- races -- -- not the most mobile defenseman and he just got to put it on net and good things happen of course that made it 31. Flyers did come back to get one goal but it didn't matter the caps held on CSN Washington dot com.

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