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Holtby rebounds from early season struggles with solid game against Philadelphia


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CSN Washington dot com. Last you can feel that way and I did it felt -- fact that mentality column. No I didn't and number signal in my place I think the way we played in front you know. It's a huge block shots -- story of last year and to see that -- its affiliates and when you're playing that way what do you feeling it is is working best for you. Time understand and to compete in the -- pucks react to him from. Don't make it easier on my defenseman you're talking how -- certainly -- itself investment angle but -- Don't. Just approach it Cheever team zones the wind and -- do -- and dimensional CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Are the Capitals in the market for Luongo?

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    CSN Washington dot com. Someone that we noticed in the press box yesterday that you don't really see a lot of happening around the league Mike from the Vancouver Canucks. In the capitals press box watching the game and he spoke with him a little bit and made just spoke with sort today. What's going. Well nothing I mean that's you know that's unfortunate for us we like to create rumors in that trade speculation but. Mike and now Lawrence don't an assistant GM in the press box and you know Mike to register in Vancouver saying is a mystery that said you know when these two teams that mystery team in. Or the want to curve it longer right and and he he's you know I can't say that and kind of played coral he done everything right he said you know they're not talking to the Vancouver and in my reached out to George today and said. Jerry just said it wasn't my intention to treat this big distraction and end George of the pieces that was a first class move by Mike so. It was I think much ado about nothing all speculate just seal humor us a little bit if they were to bring in someone like Luongo is that a piece that this team. When when you look at this team and what they're missing out. I don't think it's goaltending you see maybe one another top four defenseman I think or a lot missing him that's been a little bit understated. You probably want another high scoring Winger and and so I don't sit there and say this team needs a real long now that all that said it's if you add you know all star goalie Mike Gilbert along to this team. I gathered the better in the short term but you have to weigh that against the long term contracts with this on the road this team what you have to give up to get them so. I can see you're while weather probably happens to think escalating good luck on their head it's CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Caps react to to a game versus the Pens that slipped away

    Sun, 3 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Yeah. After answered Pittsburgh Gould field goals Penguins scores in the span of 37 seconds spelled disaster for the camps he. Because you had a good car political work to their own and have some good opportunities. Couple holes chances there. Mean we had all the momentum and the cut into those guys are into we're feeling good then it's scored on two quick goals and his stuff. Dusty doesn't really saying that since the beginning of the year we need to be focused for sixty minutes and cannot. Coaching guard down and then we Claimants running environment and that causes you know when it's. You know giving five goals against. Humans aren't going in you gotta get back to basics just getting pucks in net driving and getting in front of the goalie creating traffic I think. You know people goals are great but so I think count about as much as you know give Despite their rough second period Adam stayed with Craig Maltby and brought them back in the third there was a time where. I thought about first part but you know the guy's been very good for this franchise look last year and and he I thought he earned the right to stay in there and fight through it in the guys' rally around him. And you know we had a really good third period. I think the biggest thing is just first. Mental game right now hasn't isn't strong enough I mean were playing good team game this just those little breakdowns and like myself on the on the third goal it's just the those a little little things with a pair prepare for a while before the game that but if you doing. A lot of chatter about the presence of Vancouver GM Mike Gillis at the game since the Cubs are still trying to move goalie Roberta Luongo. However capitals GM George McPhee said he hasn't talked to the and doesn't intend to. With the capitals Jill Sorenson CSN Washington CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Pens Caps Highlights

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    Csnwashington.com. Afternoon hockey people boo Sidney Crosby and the kids visiting the struggling capitals. That's kept trying to put together back to back wins for the first time this season. With three minutes and the things Frankfurt Paul Martin shot from the point bounces off John Carlson and Pittsburgh up one nothing early Capitol Hill looked to respond for technicals. Finds a wide open Mike Green but a one timer beating former captain my school who 12 here temple down 21. Also looking to dump the puck it takes an awkward bounce it in pitching will move off guard. Carlson just looking to dump and chase. gets the balance with a goal. Penguins opened things up in the second powerful to get involved in different tournaments that the one time of his second in the afternoon in the top five Believe the third capital from the Cowboys toward where our. Drove it on that fit my Romero but given the loose puck putted really good to. Final seconds the two man advantage Crosby included. Goal lead icing on the cake for him with the weeks. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Carlson scores a goal you won't believe vs. Penguins

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    Csnwashington.com. Still waiting for it but instead it back on now apply them on the Carlson criticisms against him. CSN Washington dot com.