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Redskins Nation: Tarik El Bashir has his Super Bowl pick



CSN Washington dot com however talked this over the Ravens in San Francisco 49ers were very familiar with these two teams. What's gonna happen king -- with the Ravens. I'm Maryland born and -- like yourself yes we're almost neighbors at some point -- neighborhood yeah. You know I love crab cakes you know I grew up watching the Redskins. But there's just something about my allegiance to my home state. I'd like to see the Ravens pull out and there's that there's so sentimental. Values there to -- to what's going on I mean Ray Lewis you know whatever you wanna think about him and what happened all those years ago. I have the Super Bowl. You know let. I like to see top guys right into the sunset with a championship like I love seeing that and -- for the -- you'll do it for him you know and and Torrey Smith all the he's been through -- like them alive yeah -- fantastic player I love the way he handled himself the confidence to -- it difficult time. I like to see them win it for him as well you know Joseph Flacco he is. The lovable underdog has got called himself a lead everyone made fun of him for it but you know what he's deliberate play mistake free yes most importantly as a result the -- of the -- he's a game manager with a with a little more skilled. That that's the way -- -- think Joseph Flacco went to see him get it -- final score. -- 3124. Reasons. It's 3124. Ravens all right well you know good luck to you there there's nothing riding on this anymore. Taking your victorious thank you very much on -- -- don't get on the telephone 11 the ball offensively I'll put it checked. -- of the separate Siskel 49ers in terms what what what do you play for that there's nothing you can -- that idea because we have the right. That's -- -- but Jack left the San Francisco offense I mean -- -- looking back Harbaugh that's Jim Harbaugh. Make a great call by benching Al Smith. And putting -- brick there now Shaq. Smith index fell Smith and cap critic is in there and look what he can do he can run he can throw some better to -- is -- better quarterback -- elsewhere and well. Yes and also Vernon. This is -- now the equation they went ahead of that NFC championship game I think it got. A good enough running back to counterbalance. Re writes I just think that offensive line for separate sisco was more durable they put a lot of top draft picks -- -- line a lot of money is gone into the -- of -- Crabtree. Has really emerged with Capra take at the quarterback position all right defensively. Gotta put a check next to separate us. He got and you got ray Ray Lewis you've got. Every you've got a dynamic Ravens defense but that's differences good defense to me has been the best defense of football last two years is not a better settle linebackers in the NFL. It -- Carlos Rogers doesn't have the greatest set of -- Overall I think separate sisco has the better defense specialties. But it put -- check right now so those Baltimore Ravens. They've got the better return man they've got a great field goal kicker. Akers has really struggled doing those. He might delinquent on Sunday you never -- to come down acres of the field goal the end. You might have a Scott Norwood reach Pete but I'll put that check in terms of special teams next Baltimore Ravens. It was not intentional balls well. Put a check next to both teams because you got a horrible situation the Ray Lewis. Victory -- is gonna come to an end one way or another I think that emotions certainly has helped the Ravens. Over the last couple of playoff games final score. 2814. CSN Washington dot com.



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