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  2. Super Bowl0:16, 0:39
  3. Baltimore0:00, 1:09
  4. Titans0:19
  5. Rams0:19
  6. Mississippi0:05
  7. Saints0:13
  8. Eagles0:22
Sun, 3 Feb 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Baltimore dot com. Welcome back down south you all here on the banks of the Mississippi we are joined today by a four time pro bowler. And former raven Lorenzo Neal was actually drafted by New Orleans Saints back in the day you played. In Super Bowl 34 that was a classic game I Titans in the Rams and fortunately you're on the wrong side of the Eagles what was it like though from the time you. Win that championship game. That 1011 days after we are now you're still 48 hours -- before kickoff. Right it's such a ride you know brought up as a kid all intrigued about is plain and simple and to have that opportunity to play in a Super Bowl. Beating your dream it's unbelievable that whole week don't you lead that is what you've still protects you can't wait your anticipation can't win for the game and all of a sudden. It you there and it's a point yet so it's great but that we grew -- though we let distractions get tickets get the film given them tickets for the game. It's a lot of distractions but now these guys are situated there ready to go. It looked great game as the World -- the best that in your voice is certainly the other little list this weather here -- nationals really cold but you know. -- made a remarkable season Baltimore dot com.

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