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ODU fires coach Blaine Taylor after 2-20 start

Tue, 5 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. I'd here's our Coach Gary Williams and look it's a tough business your business. Blaine Taylor now out and -- to -- your reaction forgot who's done. Very well at that school -- -- -- this year yes but not so difficult fire. I mean I think seven and steadily tournaments and that the problem with coaching now -- everything's out there and it's so. Current and in that. It really doesn't matter you're used to be if you ever went to a final four you'd have one time security let's not true either so. It's a tough thing in it's it's a tough thing for the program but. You know we get all this pressure to make you change and so here we are this is not over yet coached a lot of times in the past it's season's over. They're doing it now why why I think it's filtered down from the professional coaching where. They wanna get a jump when everything if you way to the end of the year you're one of say 35 schools that have made it changes and so all of a sudden. You know your stock maybe not getting the person you wanna get so this way they feel they can get a clean start get the person who won for you mean in. You know obviously Eagles say they wanna do a national search so we'll -- would have the -- in -- takes over for the these interim guy. He coaches and out I mean that's a tough position B yeah well I think as as a coaching even though it's an assistant coach becoming and interim head coach. He'll co coaches guys up and endeavored to every player wants to play they feel as though whether they'd like to coach don't like to coach they don't like change and so. I think we'll get a group of people who play hard for you time. Course and we know this is a -- do you they lost a bunch of guys last year tough situation for Blaine Taylor on the national scene five different teams now I've been number one. In the country Indiana back to the top of the rankings is a true number one team. I don't think so in other words Michigan loses at Indiana but if you play that game in Michigan it's probably reversed in the score and that's what's happened all year. I think this year more than any -- year because of balancing college basketball you better defend your home court if you're one of the real good teams you can't afford. To lose at home you're gonna lose some on the road but there's no Kentucky this year and I think that's the difference between last year and this year. It is your phone rung up mode you no okay. -- stand right here that's the coach fairways. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Tarik El-Bashir previews the Redskins' free agency

    Fri, 8 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. one about Redskins nation presented by crop Baghdad we're gonna wrap up our look at the top available free agents. Coming up on at we're gonna it. Wrap it up today take a wish The positions we have not gotten too defensive that I think the Redskins. In pretty good position at defensive end but there are some of the names available for nose tackle to offensive tackle I think the defensive line is probably the deepest position on the Redskins roster right now take a look at a model list outside linebacker Anthony Spencer the Dallas Cowboys. You know with their new defensive quarter to their money Kiffin. Then it changed the 43 defense. DeMarcus coming off a very injury riddled year this year they really can't afford to like on Anthony Spencer we're gonna get back. That was the free agents after the come by and get a little bit of an update. Give it may be more of a focus on who the Redskins. Might be looking to sign in free agency which brings us to target all this year. Who is here today to talk about the Redskins hurt free agents that I guess one just happened and our guard up ago. Absolutely Jammal Brown's contract which is restructured before this past season. Just expired it's voided so there's going to be 3.3 million dollars in dead money on next year's cap. But still when you look at the fact he was gonna repeat four point six million there's older a savings there right I don't think he's going to be back in Washington. Think every gonna help for the Redskins all fair salary cap subtlety which we've talked about ad nauseam and look at talked about. But some of the other free agents to be the Redskins and obviously maybe everybody doesn't come back. Absolutely it also the team right now is four million dollars over the cap now. In most years it's not a big deal because you have some big contracts that you can restructure right aren't that many big contracts this team that. They can be reworked to to create space but you know my colleague and I were Stadler had. A bit of an argument this morning over email over you know whether it's prudent to try to sign your guys in May be yelled filling gaps with with draft picks I said no. The time is now get creative treats and space go get yourself some stud players especially in the secondary make your move now because you've caught lightning in the bottle right now. You've got some great chemistry and here are sewn. RG three else for Boris. Ryan you just don't know how long this team is going to be at that tennis six level so for now do whatever you can to it to create space and get some players who argument. Easily shouts me down and said. there's a lot of guys Fred Davis obviously is on the list coming back from injury what do you think's gonna have more friends. You know I think the team would like to bring them back if they can bring him back without him because of attack him for second straight year you've been you have to qualify and 120%. Of last year's cellar with a I think my Mets tools bad Over six million dollars while the bets a bit much. You know if it didn't come to an agreement. You know and the 23 year range and even in this Spitzer ME three million dollar range. I can see something getting worked up which you know what you can ask a player in his prime. Do you any favors I mean you know as soon as you don't know his status right and him beat you don't but you know what it's not me it's not a shoulder Achilles generally. Once the surgeries done it is done properly your back. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Highlights: Capitals-Penguins

    Fri, 8 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Noses out of molds may be your first visit the Pittsburgh capital what you're for their first road win of the season. First period no score for almost regret it won't hire here and Mike Ribeiro right man for the the outlet Marc-Andre Fleury nasty lies off the penguins' there was a veteran ball a close look Horford stick his. Adrenaline is important both in central stick and not. Flurries left off so no interference from Guerrero is not this year nice rolled one capital secretary wheels fall off. I'm getting out there just a ridiculous Brewster passed Michael barber and were tied at one. Stellar in the second period sending Crawford wanted to press golfers boring to Pittsburgh at this point. At a most were the early going Jake authorities outbreak hole appears they always get that much better Penguins experimented. With opponents. Slide Davis bill and he gets them back appropriate for anyone let courts. I would bright spot we'll climb hopefully come up here with a fantastic split save on Crosby. And you were very aggressive terrific stuff but the problem. We're capital for Mayweather is a little bit all the Pittsburgh five if you are an animal what makes this game. We'll put everything. You could be a strong team to get it to as many little things as you can which includes the goalie. And as much as possible. You got to just keep playing and we were playing in the first period part was fine Kelly Jones gonna get better personal question. That includes the goalie is well there. And you know we got to fight for our mistakes. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Dave Johnson

    Thu, 7 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Fated day at the Comcast sports center manager Geico sports at central update yard second time in five days a federal Penguins though still winless on the roared. 852. Loss. To the Pittsburgh Penguins and capitals of fact allowed all five goals in the second period after getting out so one. Still work to do that your Geico sports at central update I'm Dave Johnson for CSN Washington dot com CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Wizards must keep young core intact going forward

    Thu, 7 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. The Wizards ought to let this stay in the don't change it let these kids grow together additional they have a opening game still played defense that I like I'd say you don't get rid of everybody original thinker somebody improve this team and right now you hit a terrible loss. Just how what you want. We hit subtle but definite approached the game if you want. But you keep that around you make sure whatever else comes and understand this is going to be the wisest way. You don't look back to what you were early in the year I'll be forty years before you do if you plant like this and who lead the guys coming in. I agree with you took to a point but they're gonna have to get somebody else to help him he's completely over that hump this is a good thing they give a lot of But I don't think this is seen as well give me championship with a win is constructed right when you gotta have somebody somebody else wants then the people that did happen to you line up. They've only got three guys I think it by as evidence that. CSN Washington dot com.