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Csnwashington.com. Washington entering the night in last place in the Eastern Conference just to win says they've played host to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Let's go straight to the highlights of this one player out. Out of love and company trying to pick up their third win of the season against believes -- how about some miscommunication. Early on for the capitals Michael wavered Tom -- cannot decide who should get the puck and James van Riemsdyk come all around me -- infidel. Toronto was up early one nothing -- a leaps applying pressure later not period Tyler does that Phil Kessel licks on their first attempt. The go to France and it breaks his stick on a blast. JVR cleans up at the net for his second of the game. -- going on the power play John Carlson. Takes a shot blast some point goes wide but Vince ribbons cannot get a hold habits and Tomas couldn't. -- your attic with the perfect sauce to Marcus Johansson -- the -- on board to one. It's just sort of the second period now Mark Fraser. Unlikely he sees passes to Corbin Ian -- on his blast from the point gets through the five hole that is his first career goal against the leafs a two goal lead. -- another chance on another power play Kobe brings it into the zone. Give it to -- Broward he finds Mike -- for his third goal of the season. Good play there on the third now -- the great stance he can't we have a tied game Carlson with a shot from the points. But his save vice presidents and pony gets a great chance just -- -- a great save there to keep the lead of the capitals they fall they'll sit her on another loss here. It doesn't usually get too. Csnwashington.com.



  1. Phil Kessel0:30
  2. Eastern Conference0:05
  3. James van Riemsdyk0:22
  4. Marcus Johansson0:50
  5. Mark Fraser0:55
  6. Broward1:11
  7. John Carlson0:40
  8. Maple Leafs0:08
  9. Toronto0:08
  10. power play0:40, 1:07
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