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Table Manners: Watch the Junks premiere with Jeremy Roenick

Wed, 6 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. It just seems like you've never seen them before table manners. I'm Jason also known as the lord Pablo I lost out. Hillis who felt their line. I'm trying to make it back to square -- It was a logical thought -- -- into the next starting off. I'm John otherwise. -- -- I'm more along the way we all got -- of their career and now but it junk and even after all these years he's only there. Comcast sports net is the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Today we welcomed former NHL superstar Jeremy Roenick to our table football -- You talked about your you don't -- -- -- in San Jose after retirements of about. When you came in the league you intimidate -- eighteen. Eighteen yeah ninety BAC 955. Pounds did you the flu like don't go in your shorts is something I would I was plate I was afraid to even get undressed in the locker room and then eighteen -- what these guys I walked into the Chicago Blackhawks locker room and -- -- 150 pounds with -- learned colleague here I have my body was atop my -- that's -- I don't really like I was -- a late -- -- -- out of the house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But. And the first person I ran into when I when I go in his size Al Secord. -- -- chords you know at a BC airlines got no teeth in right and he's just big burly guy you know. I just bites my stomach came right up to might throw -- Daniel -- let who has. More hair on him in the in the south -- take pictures of this guy you know is kind of how I would how I felt so I was so intimidated. And when I get on the ice might this how I played was not so much because I was really good is because I was really scared. Know most guys in the Shell shocked by being in the NHL at eighteen but when you're fourteen you're you're here in Virginia area you would. Go to Dallas and fly to Newark every weekend and play this elite team you play like. 3 or 4 eastern weekend and fly back is a fourteen year old kid so that had to prepare you for life. Yeah well I was constantly on the road and my dad were from -- Whalen and the mobile oil. Compound this year Fairfax -- like you guys pour. It. We were you always. That's why I was. We are everywhere fine until my dad decided to leave Virginia area I live right now. Pretty close to here and in -- kind did competition was was not. Not up to par so that's when I flew from dollars up to New Jersey every week CSN Washington dot com.

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