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Table Manners: Why do chicks dig hockey players?



CSN Washington dot com. -- Junkies like you've never seen them before table -- why is it. Hockey guys always seen that the women particularly track. Time complains that that -- that rough the road -- that's rugged physical. For some reason -- love scars. Of that that's what I understood just if they're like I think it's it's how rough aren't. And that that track position to. I have a Scarborough my eyebrow Barrett people can barely see it. It just stick and I'm for obviously last -- -- -- -- when I got elbowed in the face when -- was back in the day the war. The rugged in -- -- -- they love they love that that what what is it like they're mean they're tough at least have a built in excuse when your wife asks you to do something you can just say. I forgot it. I -- concussions traveling thirty. Trust me just -- Cubs. -- -- lot of times it's the selective hearing next trust me selective hearing is very very strong in my house in your -- you go to kids in the number and Brad yeah. Bryant's fifty what's. Brett is he's a hockey players because golfer he says he's at twelve handicap in golf course -- but television ads this kid can dance like nobody is business at the end yeah. The answer right well I can't -- the ice dance I don't know how many good but I'm not afraid of getting out there and -- and -- -- -- but I don't I don't think there's a name for the dance it's just getting out there and -- -- tonight man yeah. It doesn't on that doesn't on the ice that when he finally came with the kings yet know what that will never ever be done again. Has anybody ever done no I was not not -- pregame that the that was pre season game and eighties I figured in Vegas it's real pre season the glasses broken. You know the BG's are playing over the loudspeaker and I started cantonment 45 people on the open rote starred at since my targets and more than holes section got up. Certainly guys fitness center iceberg. 15161000. People like the Avalanche. Yeah with a lot of players eventually was acting as one of the greatest thing there's you know on the -- ever and you get the Humpty -- -- -- really -- -- -- -- but I always thought that I don't completely yeah it is yeah. I know -- -- I can't as you know I can't do that here. Upstairs I restaurant -- -- -- a good move CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Avalanche2:10
  2. Cubs1:05
  3. Washington0:00, 2:32
  4. golf course1:22
  5. hockey players1:19
  6. ice dance1:30
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