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Edsall signs star recruit Taivon Jacobs



CSN Washington dot com. Our pro football done it in college level now taking center stage today -- national signing day at Maryland ready Ethel entering his third season signed 22 student athletes. Fourteen from the DMV in for the second straight year. They got a five star recruit and wideout Deion long by the way joining with -- like a spot this tape on. Jacob now 5111625. All met wideout from super high school is brutal avert another wideout already at Maryland. They've -- he committed from the Ohio State out and chose to stay at home and college -- again. I went and saw him. Last week and I had a very good conversation. -- talked to him about some things. And you know start to see some things. Start turning. You know. His way. And you know he's -- he's he's a special young man. Because you know as I talked to him. You know he has a one year old daughter. And that was very important to a. Rivals dot com ranked Maryland Paulus the 31 best in FBS in the fifth best in the ACC -- sweater that's it was. -- -- As big -- whatever it looks like wideout -- long originally from DC of a five star recruit as I mentioned. Who was second team all Mountain West Conference as a freshman at New Mexico. In 2011 of course hating -- go receiving records last season. Meanwhile Charlottesville the cattle CSN Washington dot com.



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