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and Out(Pt1): RGheads to New Orleans to pick up ROY award



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  2. Heisman Trophy3:13
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Wed, 6 Feb 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. This is three in how we're talking hottest topics. Of the week I'm Jennifer Williams alongside our Redskins insider target this year and our Redskins blogger. Ritz camera guys we've got to talk about RG three we saw him at the NFL awards in New Orleans so arching three travelled and he also picked up. Some hardware picking up rookie of the year we -- mocked on the red carpet is it the same as a walking down on the field or even take you jog. Probably not that fleshy red carpet but he also had some interesting comments he said that he would be ready. For the start of the season tar what do you think of these comments on you know overconfident. Maybe right on target what did you think. Well Jim I liked what I saw I liked the fact that he is already off crutches right I'd watch the way he little walk -- to -- -- accept that award it shows that he certainly. Making progress he said that he's ahead of schedule. So I liked what I heard especially what he said before he went on the red carpet. I it it shows that he's focusing determined at the task at hand -- he's also been this before that said right he said he's doing yet this time around exactly but that said. You know I'm gonna believe it when I see it you know it is this is a serious injuries coming back from you know there's always the potential for four setback at some. Is he ninety you wanna make sure he's only player that's gonna get in his own way you know -- pushes it. Too much to -- haven't been this before. I don't I don't get the sense that he knows what to expect he knows when he -- something wouldn't run it doesn't feel right there and he said his dad told him if something doesn't feel right. Get off the field. Don't set yourself back so he's very Smart guy I I don't see that as a major issue. Let's talk about rookie it's many actually -- yeah and -- and I. -- I'll just add that it's three and a half weeks. Nobody -- of -- head -- -- -- schedule behind schedule it's a month long process. You know well no probably in the middle of the summer. If there's a decent chance that he'll be ready for for that for that week one but you know right now there there is no real schedule it it three and a half weeks I think. You know I mean it's again like confidence like the determination. But it's aware yes that's right exactly where it's too far ahead as scheduled the same as you for a scheduled so. Our guys let's talk about rookie of the year he got I don't wonder. You RG three had a stellar. Regular season but you gotta wonder if they had at the voters had. Taken into account the post season -- a war had gone to someone else what do you guys think you know I am not. A person who likes change for change sake but I think in this case. You this is something that maybe the NFL wanna look at or are you Phillies that the the voting people who vote for the AP awards to look at. That may be space to take into account. The post season and may be cast their votes after the championship games in a lead in the week leading up to Super Bowl because I think it might have been a different result. Had arm had I think Russell Wilson at least would have been closer to -- through would've been slightly -- -- on the -- exactly. But for 7500. Years have we want to look at in baseball and football in hockey. In basketball the Heisman Trophy -- whatever and look at has been a regular season award that's that's what these are four. I don't I don't see any compelling reason to it to change it again if there's there's a good reason I'm all the years. But you know it it's again you know he -- completely changed the meaning of the -- of the award and you know for I think for the post season you have. These super role MVP. You have the parade down downtown new wave in the trophy and all that so I sir I don't seemingly could change the he's the right boards for the. Annika Kendrick should -- stats guy without once he's taken the post season into consideration you can't do that head to head yeah it's always that. Oh but keep in mind this season level -- well. I think he's so much for stopping by thank you for watching we have more three and out videos coming up -- keep it locked on CSN Washington dot com. For Iraq and coverage. CSN Washington dot com.

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