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Magic Johnson: Wizards are young and exciting



Z -- in Washington dot com. As a -- is the point guards in the NBA Ervin Magic Johnson didn't see him presidency then I'm happy to be here and John Wall in the -- good. Are we talked about the last time you were here when John was playing a game had a triple double celebration of the city night club must begin Howard university of and then those -- break right there. This here taking care who is. Obviously taken in a little bit of basketball Leinart -- question tonight we as fans who they thought the midway point is the MVP obviously Carmelo is in the house what do you think so far. I think is between the two Kevin Durant. And got them in the Carmelo and then you probably haven't told LeBron and then you don't always tell him in this on the -- him. -- lump together and I think after the all star break whoever cares that team. On to probably the best record and these the second best record was gonna win the MVP right now you probably have to. Say Kevin that's why they. Oh that's right there with the yeah -- it's always great to see -- I enjoy your time in the distraught. He'll go Wizards -- might come -- this team is young and exciting. CSN Washington dot com.



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