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Randy Edsall relives his Florida car chase



CSN Washington dot com Corey -- don't always go oh. -- you plan though that you -- in December that was just the old bit off. Way off. The matter of fact. Something that's never ever occurred to me. You know in the thirty years you know I've been coaching and recruiting and you know it was it was a December evening. Brian Stewart when defensive coordinator and defensive back coach would fly into Westphal we're -- OC will likely. Outstanding player out than probably Florida out near Lake Okeechobee and so we get car. That the airport. Brian plugs in the the address of the GPS so you know how we go -- west. You know to Belle -- and we go out there and drive and all of a sudden -- -- go straight you're going to go beltway if you can go to the right you're going up towards -- And so if it took a soft going to -- as -- -- house abroad. This is that right -- and out here plenty of times recruiting and everything it. And I know I know that if we keep bonus that you -- -- -- -- this is right coach -- you know what the GPS got a skull and undergo a little bit more mean and now you're out of nowhere pitcher -- sugar cane fields -- were we went past the refinery. You know it's it's dark it's 7 o'clock at night. And all of a sudden says okay come up your take leftist Romo would go up and up got to take -- left they're probably the development of you know maybe 1012 houses and you know was a two lane road that we came off of we go down you know take left the development take another right built by nice church there now well here's the streets. Does that history well but only about 32 to three houses on that street and it's so dark. You can't even see the numbers on house so you know worship there and -- -- seven minutes or so that rulings and this that this isn't right so I don't phones article will. Talk -- him on the street you know what I'm Rory you know this stuff and threw it up next thing you know here comes to pick up truck. Pulls up on the side of us for the car behind us. And or Ryan addition good. I think we need to go and so we go in and take we've come out -- come out just take normal speak all of a sudden now we got to pick up truck. Behind car trying to come up and -- will -- now this development so we go. And throughout he's of Randy hold on. You know so we come out and we get back out we come out of the development. You know especially good in on this too late next thing you know. You know the pickup trucks on our bumper trying to drivers off the road the other cars coming on the outside of us. You know Bryant has called 911 and -- he says hold on and he slammed thing -- so we're going for about three miles has gotten on one wanted to play. I'm the head coach University of Maryland I've done nothing wrong with being chased out here can you send a police officer out there in case something happens. You know it so we go for about three miles we come down. And though we ended up gaining some ground to get away you know to move in front of a gut -- this like we took a right which took the right day. You know they disappear you know so I'm sitting there are saying my title -- said I've never ever experienced any thing. You know like that. Hope so we call will. We'll drive back you know now in the beltway we come up and all of a sudden -- this sport and I'm looking like. One of you look at. And roll the windows down it was it was will's dad so he got to -- you know where the house wasn't. You know -- the good thing is is. You know I don't know we'll belts are worse but you know will's own -- themselves all worked out the window before the coaching staff was chasing the code. CSN Washington dot com.



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