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Thu, 7 Feb 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Are right mark let's get right down to brass tax what is the latest regarding GO Gonzales and his connection with the bio Genesis investigation well at this. Point there's not a whole -- of anything formal but MLB is going to investigate that they're trying to get the records from the Miami new times they're gonna wanna talk to GO himself. Now what is actually involved in this there's not a whole lot of real concrete evidence -- just his name in Anthony -- is. Files and connected with some substances some which are even illegal so. It's not as much evidence against him has created some of the other guys like Alex Rodriguez but it's certainly enough that taught me from the baseball. -- that brings me to my next question of course could this investigation leads you any sort of the suspension and and if so what kind of time frame are we looking -- I think. Based on what we have right now. I don't think there's enough there for any suspension because there really isn't even anything that is guaranteed to be. At PD and even if it was even if they did discover that he'd taken something. Major League Baseball never retroactively punish somebody suspended them if they never failed a drug test which -- certainly hasn't. So I think if that's the case of that's all that comes out of this and I think that's at this point the most that we're talking about I don't see how they can't suspend them. And now you have to think that this is going to be a little distracting the cloud of suspicion. Do you think that it can affect how it plays well I think that. The bigger issue is that he's gonna have to answer some questions about this when he gets to spring training. He may not do it and they cite the ongoing investigation but this is gonna linger over in the hover over. He's a great picture I think we have seen a little bit at times but he can get distracted by stuff. This is gonna become a distraction a lot of attention on this team this year that wasn't there before a lot of attention on him coming off such a big year. How he handles that I think is -- either anxiously thank you so much marks a command are -- insider. CSN Washington dot com.

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