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Highlights: Capitals-Penguins



  1. Kelly Jones1:35
  2. Mike Ribeiro0:12
  3. Marc-Andre Fleury0:16
  4. Penguins0:54
  5. Pittsburgh0:04, 0:46, 1:13
  6. Washington0:00, 1:44
  7. bright spot1:03
Fri, 8 Feb 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Noses out of molds may be your first visit the Pittsburgh capital what you're for their first road win of the season. First period no score for almost regret it won't hire here and Mike Ribeiro right man for the -- the outlet -- -- Marc-Andre Fleury nasty lies off the penguins' -- there was a veteran -- ball -- a close look -- Horford stick his. Adrenaline is important both in central -- stick and not. Flurries left off so no interference from Guerrero is not this year nice rolled one -- capital secretary wheels fall off. I'm getting out there just a ridiculous Brewster passed Michael barber and were tied at one. Stellar in the second period sending -- Crawford wanted to press golfers -- -- boring -- -- to -- Pittsburgh at this point. At a most were the early going Jake authorities outbreak hole appears -- -- -- they always get that much better Penguins experimented. With opponents. Slide -- Davis bill and he gets them back -- -- appropriate for anyone let courts. I would -- bright spot we'll climb -- hopefully come up here with a fantastic split save on Crosby. And you were very aggressive terrific stuff but the problem. We're capital for Mayweather is a little bit all the Pittsburgh five if you are an animal what makes this game. We'll put everything. You could be a strong team to get it to as many little things as you can which includes the goalie. And as much as possible. You got to just keep playing and we were playing in the first period part was fine Kelly Jones gonna get better personal question. That includes the goalie is well there. And you know we got to fight for our mistakes. CSN Washington dot com.

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