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George McPhee on what is wrong with the Caps, Alan May reacts

Fri, 8 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com two years we have we must get better and it is sort of keeping pucks over and and that starts. Not taken as many penalties and the end of protecting the goal is more and you've got to be better. You know -- we think we've done a real good job of developing them another time in Hershey. For resort side there -- these goaltenders. Home but they can both play better and you know we're all on the same page we're disappointed with the way things have started it's not over. Nothing -- a couple wins won't really help. But we're gonna make good decisions Bernard canoeing in short term I'm not gonna blow anything up we like the people here. There's going to be smarter when -- we -- we've made a lot of good decisions over the last four or six years. I'm hoping we made good decisions this year posting. Now for more on the caps and their current struggles of course we welcome in our capital analyst Alan may now we just heard George -- say he's frustrated with penalties. And goaltending do you agree with -- you see some other problems going on now. Not without a doubt you've got to be very upset with the penalties and without a doubt the capitals are getting caught out of position putting themselves. In a position to get and take a lot of penalties and they're slowing their game down they're not playing. Very well thought the puck and I think some of that is on the coaching staff to make sure that they're doing a better job up pre starting every. Team and adapt because they were annihilated in two games as we by the Pittsburgh Penguins with a penalty kill for regardless. You're going to get penalties every team in the National Hockey League differently you got to find a way to kill them and then your goaltender they've got young goaltender but I don't think the hall of fame goaltender a hot streak. Would have really stood up to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second period last -- the goaltender you have to start playing better fire confident. In there and themselves. You know they've got to develop from self confidence but they've got to inspire confidence in their teammates. Now speaking up pointing fingers a lot of people point fingers at Alexander Ovechkin right now on his lack of production. Do you think that he's the problem portion figures -- -- elsewhere I'll tell you what he's playing incredible right now he's getting better and better for he's not he's not the greatest he's ever. Been -- doing so many things he's creating speed -- -- neutral zone. He's getting the -- to -- he -- physical he was a force last night the corners he was instigating he was educating is playing with a lot of emotion a lot that. Making plays like this to protect the box throwing it out excellent half. -- it's also getting a shot through to the furnace he is creating offense there's a lot more players on this team really need to up their game. I say everything I saw out of him last night the goal that he scored getting his truck through powering through the goaltender. He had eleven shots toward the -- last like six that hit he gets on the board but he was emotional and passionate all game long. So I'll be not the problem but we do you have that problem right now we need to win games next three games division matchups this is pretty much they're chance. To get back on track a little bit -- -- Thought they have to do without a W playing these divisional games -- not probably not gonna win the division no matter how hot they get Tampa Bay. Ran away from the Tampa Bay's loss to Leicester but I do think that there are players on this team that need to step up. And play a lot better there are gonna beat Florida they can't just feel that it has -- goaltending how everyone's got to be a lot better. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Yeah but Marshall went school in northeast we've seen today capital along with Allen made homo things and mascot slap shot to play hockey program. Designed to be both instructional and interacted with the goal explode for instance before hockey club teaching proper technique. Had to learn about the game of hockey a lot of people have never held a hockey stick to ever gonna play than ever have the nets. We come out here we participate every single kid that comes your does something with us they have the greatest time their out of class. They're happy it's a positive environment and when we leave. We live all the hockey equipment here with the goalie equipment the nets the sticks all the parks. And they've got another thing to do with their present class and it's it's been every word that we've done this every kid has been so happy. And it actually makes us feel great about what we do give him back and helping out and you know any get off an to not a classy you're gonna have a good time and here and it chimneys in the best place to do it. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Gormley: Caps needed time to learn Oates' system

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    CSN Washington dot com. So chalk a lot of players told us about the team meeting they had on Saturday. They said that it seemed a little early to have a a team meeting has pars early in the season what's the significance of the timing of that meaning. Well the first thing they need to do is learn the system you know we talked to Matt Hendricks about that today. What they need to do was needed two weeks two to three weeks to get to know what they're doing on the ice before they can start challenging each other in the room and I think. They need to get to that point. Once they did. And they looked at the standings is that playing good isn't good enough if we're not winning. We have to start doing the little things and that's what I what I think we saw last game they sort of blocking shots he started getting. Into each other is. Into the opponents' faces hard work shifts which is something that they weren't known quite in the beginning of this season. They're very talented team but they need to out work teams and we started seeing that next game and it carried over sit there. So how difficult is it for head coach like Oates who says. We were playing the right all take us playing the right way even if we lose how hard is it for him not to look at the standings and keep telling the players that when the players and we want to win. Well it's really hard I mean when when you tell media members that you can lose ten games in a row if you're playing the right way. Management hears that and says let's not go that far and I think that's what he wants and if he wants this team to build and their building. And I said this during that streak. They're playing well I mean end and that's a hard thing to convince players up when they're losing. So I think once he realized he had reached that point where they got it. They got the system and the players had to take it from there and the players are telling them challenging themselves saying we know the system. Let's put it on the ice let's start building up the wins and it has to continue that's the you know we'll see on the three does well back CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. We got to play better on the road we have her way to play better on the road and do it consistently and it starts again defensively. Giving going and now that's our next step. To take this. Take it on for a lot of us feel good about it going these next two games. Because you know what what we've done here we what we went to a tough stretches of games. Lot of good teams. And you know we we we took some punches got back down but we got back out. We knocks people so. My good. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. All eyes turn to pair of aces at Nats spring training

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    CSN Washington dot com. As pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report for spring training all eyes are going to be on the top two pitchers in the nationals rotation. Stephen Strasburg is already here he has already begun throwing says he feels great. He's determined to put last year shut down behind him. And look ahead to trying to pitch 200 plus innings this year for the first time in his career. Do you Gonzales on the other hand is scheduled to report on Tuesday and is scheduled to meet with the media. At which he's gonna have to answer some questions. About his connection with that Miami clinic that's under investigation. For supplying players with performance enhancing drugs. Gonzales has said all along that he's innocent has not taken anything and never even met. The man who runs that clinic but he's gonna have to answer some more questions and give a little more detail about it. He'll get this behind him hopefully move on. And then continue with the rest of the nationals a full spring training. CSN Washington dot com.