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What does the Nats' rotation look like if Gio is suspended?



Csnwashington.com. All right Martin many of called and that's starting rotation the best in Major League Baseball and now the most notable addition -- hearings so. What can you tell about him and how his role gonna play out. Well what he brings them is a guy who has had a great track record as an all star with the Diamondbacks. With the season the Angels prior to that. A track record for throwing strikes one of the best strikeout to walk ratios in baseball history actually. He had a little bit of a down year last year and that's something that they have to hope it was just an issue with his back and missed it he says he's fine. I know if you look at the numbers it's not all that different than Edwin Jackson based on last year but if you go over his whole career he's got a much better track record. And track record for success and dominant starts I think that's they're hoping for him even though he's not going to be the race he going to be their number four maybe number five starter. Absolutely now we've been talking about that's quite a bit -- also situation regarding performance enhancing drugs. Very much up in the air how do you think and that's are going to react to that and to be having backup plan if you suspect that. Well first also I don't think based on what we know so far that there's reasonable chance of him being suspended but if something were to happen there or if somebody else got hurt which is something they were very lucky last year that didn't happen. To them there isn't that much of a back up plan as far as rotation -- they had John Lannan last year. Sitting at triple -- ready to be called if needed. He's off to Philadelphia now the guys they have as -- -- number six number seven starters. Or Zach Duke is out of the bullpen Christian Garcia he's been a reliever has great stuff. They don't have that coming bonafide real reliable number six starter it's something that could be concerned they have to hope the guys stay healthy like it did last year. OK well where are no stranger to this Davey Johnson rarely let the starters. Go beyond six innings last year do you think that that might change up a little bit this season I think. Little bit you'll start to see him give a little more rope to guys younger guys like Strasburg now that he's off the 160 inning count I'm Jordan Zimmerman with another year under. And -- roster spot is getting older and I think the veterans ideal Gonzales Dan -- carefully go but Dave we also understand he has a really good and deep bullpen. And it got basically three closers on this team now so if you can get six quality innings out of a guy. No sense pushing him more than that and try to conserved so they still have something left come October. Something I think we saw this last year that maybe that you kind of get tired towards the end of the season so. Keeping them fresh. You've got to people and anyways maybe no reason to push them more than you think he needs him. No doubt about it thanks so much mark Zuckerman aren't nationals insider. CSN Washington dot com.



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