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Span gives Nats table-setting ability at the top of the order



  1. Ryan Zimmerman1:08
  2. Jayson Werth0:42
  3. Bryce Harper0:47
  4. Denard Span0:06
  5. Suzuki1:38, 1:44
  6. LaRoche1:21
  7. inside information2:09
  8. leadoff hitter0:14
  9. center fielder0:31
Sun, 10 Feb 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. -- marks so the biggest change the lineup the addition of course of Denard Span at Satterfield who essentially. Replaces Michael -- so what can you talk about span and his -- Seats for what he is is a classic leadoff hitter in the kind of guy that they haven't had over the years here and so they're hoping. That he can get on base a whole lot use his speed and basically set the table for all those big hitters behind him. It's something they've really been looking for for a long time both offensively and defensively as a good. Top -- center fielder and cut cover a lot of space. It's a different dynamic it's gonna make this lineup looked different then in past years but if he pans out where they hope it's a great weapon after the top of the lineup. Okay well we know Jayson Werth was. Great lead off hitter where's he gonna hit this year what about Bryce Harper that well yet there's a domino effect to all this by having now. Stand at the top of the lineup werder is worth go. Harper had hit behind him you could move Werth down the middle line up five or six harper could still hit second. Personally I think the best arrangement might just be a bump everybody down one spot so span is leading off of work second -- third and actually move Ryan Zimmerman. Down to fourth what it does is it keeps him right handed left and balance every other hitter. It still protects that order you had last year that was really successful whenever he was healthy. And it you still have plenty of pop down the line up with LaRoche hitting -- -- -- six that's the seventh that they weekly good lineup potentially. Yeah no doubt about it okay. So gimme for me here insider knowledge I don't know a couple of names that might emerge this season as some unsung hero. Well I mean the lineup is pretty much set as we've been talking about but a guy who maybe doesn't get a lot of attention is Kurt Suzuki who's gonna open the season as their catcher. -- the waiting for Wilson Ramos to come all the way back from his torn ACL. Suzuki at the end of the year was very good for them I think they're expecting more good things from him. And then of course you have to remember -- on the bench because they did play such a big role last year. Guys like Roger -- Dina Tyler Moore Steve -- -- They got 20300 at bats. Did a really nice job in those roles and I think the nationals are gonna count on them again come off the bench. And in theory if somebody were to get hurt they got a lot of depth there are guys who can step right into the line up and -- -- one. -- right inside information from our mark Zuckerman -- insider CSN Washington dot com.

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