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Will this be Davey Jonhson's last season?



CSN Washington dot com. Marks that Davey Johnson has said this is his last season. Nationals manager do you think there's any scenario -- -- -- well I mean maybe a sliver of possibility that this guy has been baseball's whole life and he loves it. Maybe if they came up just short of a World Series title and you wanna come back but. I really do think he has done he still under contract with the organization he's gonna remain as a consultant so he's not leaving this all together. I think. He wanted to say it is is it for me as players knows it firms are gonna play hard for him try to win this whole thing in some amount style but I do think this -- -- Maybe -- Ray Lewis type in an area there so how do you feel about that do you think the next NASA manager is possibly on the staff off. I think that's their preference is to have somebody in house Randy -- who's been their bench coach last couple years is probably the top candidate. And would be good a lot of guys play -- AAA and have gotten to know him well and respect him. I think they would have liked -- -- Porter to be in the -- to -- with their third base coach last couple seasons but they couldn't prevent him from becoming the Astros -- they'd have let him take that opportunity. So because of that you still do have to go through formal search at the end of the season so. I could seem one or two outside candidates at some point maybe another internal they're too but I think going into the season you have to say that rating or is probably the favorite. We shall see about that now many of -- and that's to win the Al east again. And even possibly the World Series how do you think they're gonna handle these lofty expectations as they head into the season yet this is the first time. But they've never been in this kind of situation as a franchise where there is a lot of attention a lot of expectation on them. Foreign territory now a few guys Jayson Werth went through this in Philadelphia he knows how to handle it. Dan Haren with the Angels was on very good teams. But for some these younger guys Strasburg harper Ian Desmond they've never been in the situation I'm fascinated to see now how did they deal with that spotlight that target on their back. Every game -- you're going to be a big game they're gonna go on the road they're going to be a big draw teams are going to be gunning for them nobody's gonna be overlooking them. This year it's a fascinating dynamic and something they have never had to deal before. No doubt about it thanks so much mark Zuckerman our nationals insider. CSN Washington dot com.



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