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Holtby, Caps rebound confidence

Sun, 10 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Over their next two games the capitals will face five divisional opponents. After the blowout victory over the Panthers that cats are now five points off the lead in the southeast. And even though they're still the worst team in the Eastern Conference there is newfound optimism after scoring five goals for the first time all year. It's easy to say it was our most complete game though we've played all season and maybe you know since I've been here in the hands. Tonight is again no we need to model the rest -- season after his you know being -- -- on -- made big says trust in big times we moved the puck forward real well. You know how it goes good again tonight at our plays scored on me everything was working in our interactions because you're working hard. Perhaps the man who worked the hardest in Washington's victory was great hole. Despite a Rocky start to 2013. Hoping he had his most impressive outing so far in the team's first shutout of the season. Was talking -- there he's like does know. Tom -- one of them on the eyes letting guys know while what you expected -- to come you know made big saves and very timely saves which is what we haven't got so far this season. Number renewal. You know it's good for him good confidence booster not just for him for all of us with 36 games remaining in the regular season. Confidence will be key for the caps who have an uphill climb to make a return to the post season. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. George Mason's 'Green and Gold Weekly' Episode 15

    Tue, 12 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. This week's edition of the green go. Talk to the world's fast. Give you all the it's a We hit the ground running this week with some indoor track and field after both the men's and women's teams jump in the southeast regional rankings. The women tonight in the match and took fourteenth. And teams traveled to Geneva Ohio. To participate in this prior institute invitational. It was a record breaking performances senior David set a meet and and personal record in the 400 meters with a time of 45 point 83. Currently the fastest time in the world this year you were in a 4583 and 400 this weekend in Ohio talk about what it get back. And performs this early season. On the he's on he does in his season to get in we are right now I'll beat him in the world is that it's a good feeling we'll so you know. Defense since Steve Bassett was you. He's represented makes sort of on national league world level you want it you were in Mason Logan you're the fastest man in the world what does that mean TV schools program. I know people look down on our heels most of us on the CP let's put it of their lives so being sort of on on national. Level it just gave you know just you know coming from office to Nazi he didn't do them from Mason diplomacy is the victim. The 454 iron meter relay team of Herbert Adrian bonds George empty. Angel Holmgren also set and you need record in the event. In the 600 meters to highlight them. Ladies were also set some records of their own in the 45400. Meter relay team Sierra Diana Javon Briscoe and Downey brand across the line and 338 point 32. And he's return to the track next weekend in Blacksburg and Virginia Tech invitational. Coach Jerry Porter in the women's basketball team has entered the stretch drive of the season they've battled their way through that tough CAA. Ladies hosted two conference foes this week falling to Old Dominion on Tuesday night are rallying late to defeat William and Mary on Sunday 5756. Senior guard when he Saunders hit this jumper was just three seconds remaining. Conceal the Patriots first home conference win of the season talk about the play and now the shot you made it Richard Timonen attack. Because it was just a great person matches. As a new I have confidence and listed companies in the inning gave me more confidence to hit conference in the teens and when I got above just knew ahead of excess of I just had anything do you like having the ball in that instance with the game on the line yes it excitement and it makes me feel very close I guess if you don't say that and down. It just it excited and optimistic that I've been in on them independently and its been great. Talk about today performance in now what you team. I'm just so proud. Of the ladies and obviously faced a lot of adversity. In the first half of conference play. A conversation over the last couple of days as has been. That we wanted to have kids are fresh might actually played start the second half of conference play a little bit of a new attitude confidence. And and months and it. In terms of you know. What we needed to do you. Everybody in this league is so good and plays so hard and we knew that we wouldn't have to work extremely hard for forty minutes that's when and I am just really pleased with the kids effort tonight. Teammate his chipped in with her second career double double with thirteen points. Ten boards in the victory returns to action this Thursday night in Wilmington, North Carolina. To take on UN CW and and on Sunday evening at IBM game televised by Comcast sports net. Mara also in a dogfight in this CAA standings as we've come to the final weeks of the regular season. On Saturday that green and gold glove from Delaware the Patriots center blue hens would leave the game throughout as they posted at 7972. Win. Jonathan Darlington Eric both posted double doubles in a loss. So we'll go on the road this Thursday at Drexel and host Georgia State on Saturday at 4 PM on homecoming. And volleyball team yeah I BA player last Friday night. Against Princeton Iraq. Patriots had little trouble dispatching the Tigers three sets to one. Three players had double digit kill knights led by mark jones' eighteen the coaching staffs of both teams kicked off the EI BA rallies initiative. To bring cancer awareness both wearing during the match is part of the program. Like hosted its final dual match of the season on Sunday afternoon against fourteenth ranked Bloomberg. The Patriots are unable to pick up the falling 39 did nothing. The team returns of the match and Thursday's who have traveled in Norfolk to take time happens grow Old Dominion. To a hat to the diamond at the softball team kicked off its 2013. Season over the weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. Ladies open their campaign with a 21 win over hosts Charleston southern. Sophomore Casey Harrington threw a two hitter with ten strikeouts. green and gold fell on its next three can test UNC Greensboro in Charleston southern. To wrap up the weekend the team returns to action this Friday at USC upstate tournament. Report men's tennis picked up an impressive win on Sunday Mary Washington seven. Ladies didn't fare as well as they felt at George Washington seven to nothing. And then returned to the court this Saturday as they host Christopher Newport a lot of ladies welcome Radford in two weeks and Montclair country club. Do it for this week's show will be sure to check back next week for an all new addition green though weekly. I'm Greg Kennedy. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Gio Gonzalez speaks to reporters about ties to PED clinic

    Tue, 12 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. What happened what's happening now is not cooperated with time will be ten. Done everything they want and I feel strongly there the program and what they're doing and you know it is. Waiting on them. How how confident in team and your. very confident you know I think that do they have never taken former tennis drugs and and I never will so. I'm actually pretty excited about this year you know got some great guys and from the outcome of what I'm hearing is. Their rotation pitcher. How many reasons and understand why your name was in those records. There's no connection for a apple for the fact that I my father and he admitted he was a patient and legitimate patient. And that that is you know my father has been around them all South Florida all of baseball knows my opposable trump all of baseball Says hi it's over everyone of us. the best of us like to say I mean other and I have no clue why was on the list or you don't know what is it you eat out. No I didn't. That I didn't. Next you name one other countries do something about it green was is that something you're familiar with that your dad receivers that anyone know. Yeah with this go on do you expect any of it to be a distraction at all to you going into the and and and that's I don't do my best to keep them away from the locker room. You know which you guys make sure you guys if you want something Dublin and a day I don't want this to be distracted as a team. I don't want and it is to be a bum it's again it's about two organizations plus team together. This this indefinitely as Jackson. And as you guys did that was just close it out there what's going on you know still in shock and at the end is like I said whopper of Romo he had done everything they want it. It's nothing's changed from the that I had from when I waited out so it's been the same thing ever since. As as they give you an indication that. That's a timetable when the Lakers all know if they they made sure to keep that's penalties. What they wanna do it's it's days like this. So the more do I gave you everything you want CSN Washington dot com.

  3. JTIII thinks Porter is among the best in the nation

    Tue, 12 Feb 2013

    She SN Washington dot com. He's one of the best players in the country and he's consistently shown it. He's someone that takes pride in and everyone in this room pro is certainly say this takes pride in and excels. That every aspect of the game. From the first easier than there and I think he's made a lot of just. You know just learn from our mistakes and come in and practicing trying to focus on those mistakes that we made so we so we can you know make those mistakes again. But I think as team we involved. These games that we take going to minutes you know he's and we try to get better CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Beal gives Wizards big lift off the bench

    Tue, 12 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Bradley came in also finished. Gave us a big lift. You Nene and and and back again on the boards and give us an inside presence. You really really was doing so. You know again for us come out. Get our first four game win streak and you know went on the road it's important we created a lot of open shots to those. We we got a lot of good open looks that we knocked down and that was ball movement. Not stick and one hander. You know controlling too much dribble and we you know we we didn't move the ball and also in sweet swing swingers are guys stand coral by yourself. And then you're back there again like that still put. It's like he's in you know and contested. CSN Washington dot com.