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3 and Out (Pt 2): Smith's departure and the fate of Banks

Mon, 11 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Hey guys this is three and now we're talking the hottest topics. Of the week they were going to be talking about Danny Smith and how his departure wolf back to return. Brandon makes. Rich this is oh he's a hot topic amongst people who are fans of your blog so why don't we start with you. -- -- Think Danny Smith leave for Pittsburgh is really gonna do much for for Brandon Banks at all he would Danny Smith here not even though. Danny Smith Mike Shanahan told Osama -- occasions Danny Smith would be the guy who would stand on the table quote unquote. For Brandon Banks to it to keep him on the roster. Evidently there was some debate going on there on. The last -- when Danny Smith there -- the end of the regular season in the playoff game. Brandon Banks was was inactive not not just we're duties reduced -- -- he was he was not not dress so I think that's that's a clear sign. That they're gonna move on from banks and you know he's he is a restricted free agent. Would be surprised if they made him a contract offer or you know probably just just let him. Let him go into the market and see if somebody else must pick him up. Yes let's go back to Danny Smith it was pretty interesting how you know I wouldn't say the media revered him but they respect him and in contrast to the feet and two just had it out for her. Danny Smith and it was really you know just kind of intrastate -- while I was there kind of a disconnect. In perception there. -- I have never in all of my years of covering sports town has seen assistant coach Wright is hated so much by the fan base almost. Everyone had an issue with the job of teams this is doing -- Murton is not a coordinated is not a head coach. I I just didn't get it you know there's a reason that the Steelers to -- in the bills Eagles the Broncos in recent years all coveted. Danny -- services he's good at what he does. For the results were always there and I understand that's probably. You know the Genesis of the -- of the reason that the fans didn't didn't like what he was doing but you know what. Rich you know we at the start of the season when they have those back to back games blocked punts we talked to a number players -- hey what's going on there is is a scheme. To a man and they all said this is not scheme that was a player blowing a block that had nothing to do things that tells a guy not doing his job on the football field that's why net punt was blocked. You know I mean what's guys Danny doesn't buy the groceries that he he he musical so he maybe should look at this. Do what what you get it's. So I went out my Twitter followers okay. They cut -- some slack up but you know even though you know I think the results even -- what you say the results really haven't been there. You don't view view do you talk football outsiders written Gaza on the Dallas morning news anybody who compiles special teams statistics. Redskins in the bottom of the the stat so I think you know even though Danny Smith. Is well respect coached players love him again stark pointed out other teams coveted coveted him her for a number of years. Maybe it's time for this game get a different voice in there. Different scheme anyway do -- -- nine years is a long time to be comes in one place for a boy so. Yeah I think maybe investor everybody except perhaps for Brandon Banks that the minute they move on good. For you say you don't have to answer anymore questions about -- your spirits topic. Well again and I get not only -- me if I'm Jennifer Williams. Alongside mark published here and rich Taylor this is three and out you know we're gonna be rolling out a few more videos so keep it locked on CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins come. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Yeah well yeah. It just seems like you've never seen them before table manners. Coming out of cross I don't recruit and obviously. Highly recruited actually. So again at Villanova and welcome. Sure yeah. You know what I'll have a lot of family and Carolina's Dean Smith you know I am me you know those those great coaches man they really. Almost waved me away but I man handle all the women since the one to be Len Bias. And it was I want to play your final home and friends how good was land. I mean he's He was the greatest player to have ups and play. Better and yours and yet it's yet to me because the skill level and Jordan. Acquired over time I thought he had he had already. Part of the ability to be able to shoot and create some space to really create his own shot and consistently shoot that in between jump shot. I think Doug develop that over the over time. emergence as Lenny was physically. their man I'm guessing it's scorer she's here. And Jordan was come ask he obviously got bigger as a pro but what if you put it you know an NBA weight program on landing. Three or four years and he would have been a beats so you wanted to be bias Maryland you wanna be a man. Yes I did I wanted to be back up so that he had a not only influence alms join the about it wade dominate I just thought that like in my neighborhood Kool no we would you tell all your friends. And until we saw him embodies then all of a sudden you start seeing it hurts and it's all little that I will affect. Not just going out there and put up numbers but. He changed the neighborhoods you know you know he was involved stopped there that shock you yes it was definitely shocked how shocked were you when you heard the news of his passing and that's one of those moments at least for me. As a kid because were mania that you knew exactly where you were when you heard the news and a half. I as is still kind of didn't hold the deal would you know you know this is. You know like years later. This is. I mean I got a feeling right now and in my mind here right now talking about him yeah you only found out I was home I was sleep my muscles woke me up. And Amanda crowd and they like it was a family member you know I just love that guy. Well I remember when it when he died. Yeah it didn't know there was drug related yes and they say yeah heart attacked us there because I'm a hypochondriac and I wind my heart Well and have a heart attack right behind him and I. With the basketball camp the math of fast for him to come academy. And I think the news broke he died early that morning but really early in the morning and we were at camp at 7:38 o'clock this afternoon start circulating and people were devastated I was and I'd love what advice he was gonna through bird. You just it is fine coming up I would add a year is I mean Andy is on you know that limited that. With that much talent to zero to check whether. Or not it's not that old. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Table Manners: Walt Williams talks getting into the game

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    CSN Washington dot com. junkies like you've never seen them before table manners when wall got drafted. Not even got drafted by a miserable team and Sacramento Kings you know took his hat. shook the commissioner's hand way into playing like that malcontent Steve Francis. I know he's telling us. And mean isn't it forces went in it you Walt did at the right way as for me. That got drafted back Timbuktu so in 88. Start your senior across the promising it amounts so But he was he just for to play. Then you too. You win some sort of the math correctly. Only did when there's no hitter when we did when like there's maximum player. know my team my home room Monday generally get them. Estimates of wind it's given. He's probably grown up because three of us played on the team we played temple hills over hill all the hill and let all everything else that we just got drawn Purdue is our contestant we would go there. Very much you guys played like soccer and things like that we job but that's only winners who do. We don't plan hills and their Gibbons won't look at it like Hornets well. Have one guy our isn't. He it has to America and armpit hair they're trying to raise his elbow in every tournament to lose a sports in that area and we took it very seriously dumb. I just saw it it was it was say that was appear street ball player. I didn't play organized until I was in high school lives was first time. I had opportunities you wanna go play for the team to date today grant you that coach Grant Hill. Well you must the muscles the forced me lazy until Ellis Colombia no nothing hanging around and they blew it I need to do so what my life. I mean yeah you know I think time moves basketball. I went out for the first day of trials and I say it was too much money and did it without playing basketball you some love and I didn't go back the next day and she got only pretty good so why did you Wear the Sox on so it's Durbin man big George Garrett and I. Mom and grown up I loved them arm. Started off as a joking thing you're supposed to put I guess I didn't I got to hang it up and yes I do I the edges of the vote. And I could refrain. When you can see the edges of the what does it announced your wife delivered fun and. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Yeah well yeah. It junkies like you've never seen them before table matter. You say yes so you Gaza. It's a bit I mean our guest on before I come before us our and in the financial industry I've never wasn't. But now this this the following year in the league. We have our seats are really I mean they started doing Manchester yeah it was it was good. A good team that changed some things that it just goes didn't so. Most times even if they did just code. I would take the time this season. You're some money wise yeah it. UBS financial CBS division and make more money as a financial visor. Love and when you're the only thing about eligibility. In August and got away in his financial. Yes he's made more than he did you know I know what I do worry about the most is the percentages of gas and go broke it does that policing though that's the number I'm trying to fit how do you. How did you avoid all those pitfalls and we we see these stories all the time like every week here about a guy who made. 8000 million or more in whatever league NFL NBA and then broke either while still playing or after done. Sisco is difficult to fathom that that amount of money especially when you come from humble beginnings which is. Probably majority of a professional athletes and so it is tough to really get a sense of I can't just this is not in the cycle. Hmmm I think when you sort of room for five years then you started this the start. Really that's reality and just thought it started getting around you start getting now. Sort of a sense of of your experiences then and how things work. Sort of say in. I think from that point if you're lucky enough to still being a good position then I think a lot of times those other guys who tend to. David. Had the success. No it's not a big difference let's just cereal. Don't have temptation of in Nintendo and yeah definitely. Cuba. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Caps finally break through on the road

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    CSN Washington dot com. Any game you face. There's going to be at some point you're gonna find adversity sometimes the faith in and the way of bad bounces and weird bounces and the capitals were over able to overcome those and. It will normally when you have all these bad bounces you lose the game and the capitals persisted all game long was a huge character win for the team for it other things haven't gone so well the first twelve games of the season. And you look right off the bat watch Jon in front of the net that puck goes off his skate yet to a pair tonight. But as for the Florida Panthers. And then here look at the balances that hits the Panthers a few times that puck was bouncing all over the place this. If you've stick by accident that he reaches back and actually tap block he shot at him but you know what they had the bounces going their way it all came along. And that's the most funky goal ball. It hit. Hopefully walker into John Erskine double and daughters can. Bombs that want to look at this that the pitchers can and the overnight when you hate being a defenseman. What does what does he do wrong he had such a great start last few minutes tonight he's hit some minus those on all the bad bounces. Little juggling in front of them out there I'll Alexander best we showed him tussle there was Versteeg little bit awhile ago fifth straight game with a point for What do you like so far we've seen. Well he's figured out how to play the game defensively and he's doing a lot of good things right I love when he hits is my favorite part of his game but I am in the end of all of us. My fellow NFL. Well they weren't standing up for himself but this is important to his teammates. Then you've got to do that and he got to push people back. Getting this shot you know we and wonder about the bounces the balance that we thought that be in the net for that crossed back crosscourt shot from there and just a matter of getting warmed up. And he's getting shots through to the net on the ice faceoff. Just power through it doesn't matter where they actually show that what was going through the full inning today no matter what. And a but what what we thought this game was in the books they've the for a Panthers so. You a lot from tonight what are you feeling. What they've got to start feel that things are going their way in and they did beat the Panthers back to back put this thing going to Tampa Tampa's been struggling out. And and rather than going into games expecting the worst they had the worst tonight and they found a way to persevere and get the win. And they just kept pushing for pushing forward to that got to go make a statement at Tampa. And they're they've got to get their way back you know they're still inching back to 500 it's going to be a battle. by the 24 game of the season hopefully they have at least point four points. CSN Washington dot com.