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Author John Feinstein breaks down the tournament chances for UVa, Maryland



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Mon, 11 Feb 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. 52 -- bestselling author John -- seen and right now in Charlottesville Tony Bennett is pending quite a nice story what did you Cavaliers are 733. Place. In the AC -- rise yet if not for Jim Larranaga who get to an -- he's the coach of the year in the -- -- right now remember. They are 013. Against the CA AA this year including a loss to Old Dominion which is three and 21. So the way they've turned it around. In conference play to be 73 it's a tribute to the way they play defense. It's a tribute to way to the way they're freshmen that come on and it's also a tribute to a good player Joseph Harris has become I didn't think he was this good yeah I was wrong if might get a Dante did today I was wrong my team that much right now and Justin Anderson ACC player of the week. Maryland Terrapins Mark Turgeon is that a bunch of different lineups and just can't seem to find. The one that's working for them right now. Yeah I mean one of the problems when you have not when you go nine or ten deep and you play a a a soft nonconference schedule the way Maryland did is everybody looks good. Because you're playing guys that aren't that good in any early seasoning in the conference play and all this and you're playing teams that are are better. And can't quite figure out who -- seven NASCAR what that's what you need this time a year you need to seven best may be your eighth ninth guys spot which you need to seven best guys. On the court you need to make a decision stick Wear them. And you need you need to have an effective point -- yeah and that's what they've lacked more than anything is a you know peace on Howard hasn't been able shoot the ball he's the only real point guard on the team. Other than if you wanna go with a fresh and go with nick bounce away tried to do on Sunday that fast nice player you know not point. CSN Washington dot com.

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